Signed, Sealed, Delivered..

I’m yours.

It must be love

It must be love

Here is my new MacBook. This is how I am celebrating 33 years on this planet. By getting me a new Boy Toy.

If you should find an unwarranted number of typos in this post, it’s because it’s hard to type lying prostrate, worshipping at the keyboard of this slim, slender and total hottie. As my fingers skip and dance over the delightful keyboard and I can feel the endorphins streaming through me.

Once you Mac, there’s no going back. Its a love affair for life. Unlike real life, however, you do get to upgrade to a hot new model when covetousness strikes. Officially it “ours”. Unofficially, its “touch him and your gonads will be moving south to China.”

Its Saturday night and the Viking and I are on on the sofa, making out with our respective Apple devices and catching up on TIVO – namely the Life and Times of Mao Zedong. Yeah, we’re rocking. Give us a NatGeo documentary about platetectonics and you’ll have steamy windows. This is what I love about having been together for ten years. The total lack of pressure and the kind of comfort level that results in unshaven legs, love handles, large boxes of chocolate and a bottle of chianti on Saturday night.

Tonight though, I’m sneaking me a hot little Macca lurrve machine into my bed and doing the nasty under the covers till sleep seizes me. Such fun threesomes are rare, wot?

Edited to add: The Viking would like to clear up a potential misunderstanding in the penultimate paragraph. HE doesn’t shave this legs. Never has and never will. That refers only to me. The Viking would like you to know he is hirsute. And a man’s man. Now where’s that jug of mead?


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One response to “Signed, Sealed, Delivered..

  1. nat

    habba habba habba – when you figure out the loop de loops, send some gyaan this way too – i got the Mother of all Macs too and its addictive but dont know anything besides finger dancing on its keyboard yet!
    cant download snaps, yahoo messenger’s boring on it, took me a while to fig out multiple windows – how and where to click on the ones i want before going back thru each window….etcetcetc. have fun!

    Me. Will do! Waiting for a post from you soon!

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