If this is communication, I disconnect

Me: (after a particularly long day): Groan. Roar. Growl. Snap. More roaring. Wild gesticulating.

The Viking: (with usual unwavering calm) That doesn’t make any sense. You have no reason to feel that way.

Me: Reason? (spewing the word) We need reasons now? I didn’t say it was reasonable. I said this is How. I. Feel.

The Viking: But what you feel is unreasonable to me. You’re just yelling and ranting. And when you yell, I don’t want to listen.

Me: (fighting the urge to rearrange facial features) I wouldn’t yell if I thought you got it. So screw my tone,  get past that to what I’m actually saying.

Moment of tense silence ensues.

The Viking: Do you want some wine? We have some great wine.

Me: (unsure) Wine’s good.

The Viking (gently): Come here. You look like you could use a squeeze.

I am such a pushover for the sane, reasonable, rational and loving man. It’s borderline pathetic is what it is.

Can’t live with them. Definitely can’t live without them.

Moral of the story: When in doubt, don’t avoid the bomb. Diffuse it.



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6 responses to “If this is communication, I disconnect

  1. nat

    you’re in safe hands.

  2. @socratessoul: Thanks:-) I’ve been enjoying reading your poetry too.

  3. Devi

    Hi Shalini,
    My mum showed me your blog when I was in Kerala earlier this month and I have been reading your posts since then. I think your blog is great and I regularly check it for new entries.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, Oivind and the kids.
    I’m tying the knot at the end of April. Would love to see there if you are able to make it.
    Take care,

    • shal247

      Devi, congrats! Would love to be able to make it to your wedding. Hope you keep visiting. Will update soon. Been plenty of grist for the old mill over Xmas!:-)

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