I was tagged by a Facebook buddy and decided to take it up on a particularly jobless night.

25 Random Shal Facts

1. Highly sentimental. I keep EVERYTHING. Ticket stubs from special dates, post-it notes left by the Lad, deli placemats. I would have even kept the stub from my babies’ umbilical cord if grossness had not prevailed. I. Must. Be. Stopped.

2. I love Red. And Black. and Purple. Colour analysis clearly reveals manic depressive tendencies. And some illusions of tragic grandeur.

3. I am not politically tolerant. Chances are – if you are Rush Limbaugh or the ultra right-wing, politically conservative guy living down my street, I will hate you. I will not try and understand your POV, mostly because I think it sucks.

4. I am drawn to music lovers. I am prone to judge people based on the kind of music they listen to (as do you!). My husband is the only non-musical person I have hooked up with. He made up for it by wooing me with Ravel and Bach and (in the last 10 years) providing the musical hardware and software to keep the missus happy and spiritually intact.

5. I strongly dislike the Norwegian word “Fruen”, meaning Mrs. Why don’t you just call me “Hey-frumpy-lady-in-sodding-apron-looking-terminally-depressed.” Yes, why don’t you? And watch my right hook.

6. My terminal crush on Ethan Hawke has sort of fed on itself and grown for the past 20 years. See, I’m capable of a long-term relationship.

7. I can literally consume my body weight in jelly. I loves me some jelly THAT much.

8. If the husband and I so much as breathe each others breath, we get pregnant. Disgusting -and proof that nature has no logical plan. I LOVED being pregnant and having a body full of baby. A dangerous combination. Probably a good reason to be cursed with horrendous births that probably serve as cautionary tales in medical textbooks.

9. Is there an expiry date for being besotted by your children? I will always miss the exquisite feeling of a baby perfectly nestled against my heart, eyelids perfectly pink and limbs heavy with sleep.

10. Over-zealous, politically correct, done-by-the-book parenting bores and annoys me. I’m going for interesting kids who will join us for dinner and loud, heated debate. An appreciation of inappropriate humour is mandatory.

11. There is something incredibly sexy about people who wear their authority and knowledge lightly. Yes, Barack Obama, you know who I mean. And don’t you slink away, Jonas Gahr Støre.

12. Top OCD: I need to make the bed perfectly, hospital corners and all, before I lie in it at night.

13. I am a night owl. I do my best work between 10.p.m. and 7 a.m. I am a total misfit in a 9 to 5 world.

14. My brother and I had a ridiculously happy childhood surrounded by a large extended family with talented and unusual people. I am still trying to figure out how my parents made life seem easy.

15. I don’t really enjoy dancing. I’m a singer. I trained in Carnatic (South Indian classical music) for 6 years and I miss the trained voice I once possessed. Whether its acting or singing, I love the tremendous high of being onstage. The paralysing shyness seconds before the curtains go up and the rush of a good performance.

16. No latte or cappuccino will ever hit the spot like a good cuppa masala chai or South Indian filter coffee.

17. In 50 years, the lad and I will be in adjoining wheelchairs, still bickering about the temperature of the thermostat and why the hell am I ALWAYS late for everything?

18. It was a good idea to get hitched to a man who is a world champion bear-hugger, hand-holder and back-rubber. A true triathlete he is.

19. Its been a long road from half a room in paying guest accommodation in Bombay to suburbia in Sandnes. The big city girl is still sitting the fence on this one.

20. My perfect holiday involves concrete pavements, sand, a pool, books and a extensive range of alcoholic beverages. And a HUGE bed you need a road map to find your way out of.

21. e.e. cummings is my favourite poet. Followed by Rilke, Neruda, and Tagore. And lately, Wendy Cope.

22. I re-read books obsessively. Especially if they are by Haruki Murakami, Nick Hornby, Frank McCourt, Alice Walker or Jeanette Winterson. I can never be well-read.

23. I have watched Sound of Music 25 times and know every single song and turn of phrase by heart. For years I wished for my mothers’ speedy metamorphosis into Julie Andrews.

24. Lyrics that always give me goosies: “Juliet, the dice were loaded from the start.

And I bet and you exploded in my heart.

And I forget I forget the movie song..

When you gonna realise it was just that the time was wrong?”. Thank you, Dire Straits.

25. I never really believed in being connected through several lifetimes till I held my babies for the first time.


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5 responses to “Tagged!

  1. Devi

    Shalini, that is a great list of random facts. I also love to sing except that I’m not very good at it (my voice gives out whenever I try and reach high notes!). Despite being a bit crap at singing, I’m silly enough to venture out to karaoke bars from time to time. I can imagine that you would really enjoy having a karaoke machine.

  2. shal247

    Devi, Somehow I’ve never made it Karaoke bars, but I should! Singstar works just fine:-)
    Lets get together sometime and rock the world of Karaoke!

  3. Devi

    That’s a deal!

  4. maidinmalaysia

    now, that’s what i call a tag! must google Jeanette Winterson though

  5. MiM, You will love her! Jeanette, I mean:-)

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