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Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Damn right they don’t.

In the OST of my life, this is a huge song. I’ll admit I can cringe a little when I see the video now, but I was 13, people, when I heard this for the first time. Stop judging me right there. Need I add, not particularly down-to-earth or hard headed?

So who cared that the acting was godawful? Or that Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze had all the emotive qualities of R2-D2 and C-3P0? There will always be songs you will always love because of how they made you feel the first time you heard them.  Back when you were young, foolish, hopeful and excited about love . When holding hands with some jobless, albeit cute delinquent was practically third base.

Even though I allow myself the occasional cynical and hardended phase, the first bars of this song just flood right through those walls, reminding me of happy, less complicated, tremendously-uncool-with-braces times. It reminds me that I’m not all that different today. Most importantly, it reminds me that this is the life I have and why the hell aren’t I dancing my butt off celebrating it? To the music of my choice and especially to the music of my youth.

Without being in the least bit troubled about being cool. Because we are senti like this wonly.

Edited to add: A couple of days ago, we were late as usual and I come flying through the door and scramble madly into the car. As I switch on the music, BIll Medley’s deep baritone comes a-flowing through the speakers. I look in the rear view mirror to see Arvind grinning, utterly pleased with himself.

” It’s your song, Mamma. I made it first on the playlist because it always makes you happy”.


Can read. Can navigate the iPod playlist. Knows his mom’s favourite songs.

Boy, am I glad I didn’t get my tubes tied in my twenties.

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