The Compliment

.. that never was.

Its bedtime for Arvind. We are done reading and we’re snuggled up in his bed. All of a sudden he sits up and says, “Mamma, can I lie on your tummy?”

“Err… why?” I enquire, going against my better judgement. I know from experience that these conversations never end well.

“Because I love the sound of your tummy juices,” he says, and oblivious to my visible cringe he continues, “And because I love your tummy. Its lovely and wobbly like caramel pudding.”

Thud. That, in case you’re wondering, is the sound of a swift, final and devastating blow.

Stay tuned for the upcoming episode of  “Mamma Gets Shafted And Adopts a Low-Carb Diet”.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my ego and I need seriously rich pastry to revive ourselves.


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11 responses to “The Compliment

  1. Era

    Utterly hilarious and sweet at the same time. Kids have a way with words, don’t they.

    I wish I could stay motivated and committed to getting my weight under control. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Take care.

  2. Kids!! They are wonderful at this aren’t they? Does nothing for your self-esteem, however.

  3. I’ve been called ‘jelly’ myself, by my five year old. Also ‘cozy’ and ‘best pillow ever’.

    First time here, love your posts.

  4. shal247

    @Era: I really wish they didn’t have a way with words:-) As for keeping weight and flab under control – I am unbelievably crap. Seriously. Come to me for advice and I’ll hand you a muffin. If I ever get a grip, I’ll let you know!

    @Meena: Self-esteem? Whats that? (Spluttered out from in between mouthfuls of pastry)

    @wordjunkie: Welcome, workjunkie! I’ve been lurking around your blog too and love it! As for the lovely qualifiers, I’ve been informed by my mother and grandmother, that this is payback big-time for similiar brutal stabs from me at a similiar age. I still have fond memories of lovely cushion-ey tummies!

  5. :). kids leave your ego as wobbly as caramel pudding too no?

  6. Lol at caramel pudding..mothers are for sure the best pillows- forever.
    It is so much better to be a child and be non judgmental:-)

    First time here…

  7. lol!kids are such ego levellers, no?

    First time here. Loved reading this. You write so clearly.

  8. Amma

    I have been lurking for the past couple of weeks, going through old posts.
    HAD to delurk at this post. I swear to bloody God, one comment from my kid about my wobbly tummy and she gets grounded.I hope there is still hope for me what with her being all of six months old currently. You think a year is enough to get back into non-jelly-tummy land? Don’t break my heart.

    • MGM

      @Amma: Welcome – and consider it broken:-) I am still the queen of Wah wah Wobbly land!:-) Hopefully you’re not as butt lazy and carb crazy as I am!

  9. Amma

    Hell No! Do you have any idea how many calories I burn with my frequent trips to the kitchen? And does a litre of milkshake a day count as dieting?
    Looks like I am doomed. Need to burn painful reminders of past (read old jeans and tees)

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