Spot the Scientist

Me: You and Armaan are the bestest-est boys in the whole world.

Arvind (looking slightly uncomfortable): Don’t say that, Mamma. You can’t say that.

Me: Of course I can. In my eyes, you two will always be the loveliest babies.

Arvind (dead earnest): But you don’t know all the children all over the world. You don’t know what they’re like. So you have no proof that we’re the best.

I give up. My mush won’t survive the rigours of analytical assessment.



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8 responses to “Spot the Scientist

  1. nat

    when do u update – i can swear i checked all of thepast few days and i sa wnothing. and suddenly see prolific activity. but i like it this way. girl u are rocking. all the posts are to die for.
    suddenly im wondering if ii shud even go back to own blog.
    Arvind is that lucid? o boy. no fooling aorund with that one huh.

  2. shal247

    Thats so wierd, Nat. You’ve said that before. No clue why you aren’t getting updates. Try RSS subscribe thingy?

    Should you go back to blogging? I’ll be in NY, whip in hand if you don’t!!! I seriously miss your blog – this close to my whiny voice now:-(
    Prettypleasewithsugaronit. Get back to writing.

    As for A, lucid is a pretty precise word. As opposed to woolly-headed mother.

  3. Era

    Not only showing a penchant for scientific accuracy, he seems humble and won’t cave in to flattery. You’re doing something right over there 🙂 .

  4. That is one logical son you have there!

  5. shal247

    Hey Dipali, good to see you here. Yes, surprisingly logical. I still have some time to mush-infect him!

  6. Fhiv

    God, I so love that kid.

  7. shal247

    @Fhiv: I know!

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