Mellon Collie

How many Screw Up and Go Free cards do you get in Parenting Monopoly?

I’m willing to NOT pass Go or collect $200.Will that count in muscling me some goodwill?

Answers anybody? Or is it three strikes and you’re out? Aaargh.

Edited to add: Yes, I know three strikes is baseball. And that the whole monopoly-baseball mixed metaphor is a screw-up. In my defence, the toddler has just launched his own nighttime civil disobedience movement. The one in which he principally objects to sleep and even faint suggestions of rest and well-being.

Ergo (God, I love the Oxbridge pretentiousness of ergo) the Mellon Collie, the unglued metaphors and infinite sadness.



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6 responses to “Mellon Collie

  1. maidinmalaysia

    no screw up and go free cards at all in parenting monopoly — u must be thinking of the equivalent of a made in china version…

    while the kids can occasionally pull a fast one — and screw up and go free…

    but for us, screw up = busted.
    civil disobedience @ home? dare i even suggest skipping day naps? (it wouldn’t work for me though…)

  2. Era

    Parents are Human. Humans make mistakes. If the three strike policy were enforced, many of us would have struck out on the first day of the job, or at least by the first month. Or in the case of monopoly we’d be constantly in jail.

    Remember the race goes not to the swift,but to he that endures, or is it slow and steady wins the race? Sorry, it’s a little early in the morning for me. Listen, grab a nap when you can and recharge. Lay down the law again if you must. Remember, we parents are often unpopular with our constituents. It’s a hard job but somebody’s got to do it.

  3. Era

    I forgot to mention thankless. It’s a thankless job too.

  4. @ MiM: Well, I’m not talking very serious trespasses:-) But I’m with you if we are talking *big time* screw ups! As for cutting day-time naps… can’t:-( He’s knocks out for two hours and is out like a light. Maybe when 2?

    @Era: Thanks for the reassurance! Its good to know hear from a more seasoned warrior!!!:-) Right now, I’m like the song,”Its a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it!”LOL

  5. nat

    what infinite sadness and all….let it go woman. ur supposed to screw up. dont deprive them visits to the shrink and someone to blame it all on later. samjhi kya?
    he’s 2. and right now the name of the game we’re all playing is chutes and ladders. not monopoly. u must have landed on a chute. roll the dice again!!!

  6. Thank god for you, Nat:-)

    My beacon!!

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