Ten Years Later..

… you still walk to the left of me, I still slide my left palm into the rear pocket of your jeans, and you still pat my bum before you slide your arm around my waist.

… I never finish my chocolate fondant. You love it more.

… Your precious artichokes land up on my plate. I love it more.

… We’re still excessive foodies and an excellent five-course meal with suitable wines leaves us both rapturous. Ten years ago, we were content being rapturous over fresh oysters at the $2 Vietnamese seafood shack in Melbourne because that was about all we could afford.

… We still have a long evenings worth of talking and discussing and hand-holding in us.

… And hours of companiable silence while we sit outside our favourite French bakery, drinking coffee and reading our respective papers.

…We have zigackly the wonderful babies we wished for back then.

…We have learnt to appreciate the almost insignificant moments and gestures, the irreplacable value of mutual acceptance and after all our trials, we’ve still ended up tilting towards an almost foolish optimism for the future.

… I’m still the chalk to your cheese. The Miss Piggy to your Kermit. (And our amphibious piglets are proof!)

… Whaddaya know? The shoe still fits.

**************************************************************************************************************If If I had figured out iMovie, this would be based on our footage. But since I haven’t, I give you another lovable, nutty, chaotic and bickering couple. And one of my favourite songs from my favourite series finale.

Indulge your sentimental woman, wouldjya?

To us, love.  And many more years of being mad, merry and married.

*Series finale of “Mad About You”. “You Give Me Love” by Faith Hill.



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19 responses to “Ten Years Later..

  1. “Mutual acceptance” is the key word. And I would add , the freedom to be yourself, mutual trust and appreciation and acknowledgement of each other’s faults. I hope and pray that both of you remain the warm and loving people that you are and may God bless you with many more years of loving and being loved.

  2. Sorry the above message is from me, Amma. Forgot to correct the name column.
    Me: Hi Amma. Why was Rada on the name column to being with?:-) Ho hum. You can tell me when I call!!!

  3. That was so Awww..i could picture both of you walking , hand in one pocket and one around the waist. Loved the chocolate fondant part and the foodie part of it.I can so relate.
    Here is wishing you both many more decades of togetherness, happiness and love.

    Shal, you have adorable kids.BTW, first time here..You write so clearly.

    • shal247

      @In love With My Life: Welcome to my cyber abode and thanks so much – for the compliment and the good wishes.

      Keep coming by. I’ll save some fondant;-)

  4. Era

    Wishing you both continued and complete happiness in your happily ever after.

  5. Era

    BTW, not only was the post really sweet, but Mad About You was one of my favorite shows.

  6. For a moment I was stunned: How could I leave such a syrupy comment? Then came dark thoughts about phishing and identity theft.

    Sill beats me how your mom could post a comment under my id.

    Could she be a hacker in disguise?

    I shudder!

    • shal247

      @Rada: LOL!! Ok, I’ll be the first person to admit that I have a smart and able mum, but seriously – we’re going to give her credit for hacking now?:-)

      But I’ll admit I was thrown too. Would be stepford wife creepy if you’d left a comment like that!:-)

  7. nat

    congrats shallaloonie. if ollie made a foodie out of you, thats MY Veerchakra moment right there. wishing the same for you as ur mom did. and when are we getting the getaway post? 😉

  8. nat

    Tagged. details on my blog

  9. I was going all mushy and preparing to write a comment, and then I see my husband’s “mushy” comment. Threw me off track!Definitely out of character!
    Wish you and Oivind wonderful years of togetherness. How are the boys?

  10. shal247

    @Nat: This IS the getaway post!! More details will require a new PG rating;-) Running over to check the tag now!

    @Meena: Thanks!yes, glad you agree that it would be awfully spooky if he started leaving those comments!

  11. shetalkslikejune

    *Places a ‘kala tikka’ on your blog!*

  12. Orange Jammies

    Congratulations, Shal! I don’t stop by very often, but I’m glad I did today. :0)

  13. Orange Jammies

    Don’t drink the stuff, hon! But look, I came back for sparkling lemonade. 🙂

  14. Hey there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

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