Reproduction for Dummies

Arvind has decided that he would like a new sibling.

“Preferably soon”, he informs his Dad.

“You can just pee on Mamma once more and then we’d have a new baby.” he explains in his usual matter-of-fact manner.

Oh the relief! All those hours we save explaining the birds and bees.

Golden Shower Love Spawn works just fine methinks.


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16 responses to “Reproduction for Dummies

  1. Dileep

    Is he not being pushed around enough by El Nino? 🙂

    • shal247

      Pushed around plenty thankyouverymuch:-) El Nino is a force of nature and maybe A might get less of a rough deal with a docile sister than his mauling, scratching little kitten of a brother? 🙂

  2. Era

    If this secret gets around, fertility clinics will be out of business 🙂

  3. Hahahahhahahahhaaaaahhaaaaaa…….sorry am so consumed with the laughing gas that I am not able to think straight…..give that boy a hug from me will ya……

  4. shetalkslikejune

    LOL! I wonder that he thinks he is doing each time he pees!

  5. LOL! Beats a kid who’s jumping to saw you up in order to get the baby out though 😀

    • shal247

      @Muthu: Will def. give him a hug from his maasi:-)

      @June: If I start digging that deep into his mind, I’d never make it. Ignorance is true bliss!

      @Rohini: Well, there’s some cold, factual comfort:-)

  6. Well…at least he got most of it right:-)

    This kind of advice needs to be patented, i tell you!

  7. its not sowing the seeds but flowing the seeds?

  8. Hopped over here from Indiequill and the name ‘Arvind’ hooked me in – cos it is the sibling’s name as well and he is a Pain. Well known for a wacko sense of humour.

    Looks like that is a common trait of all Arvinds. Pee on mum and beget a sibling indeed. ROFL! WHAT version of the birds and the bees did you sell to him?

    • shal247

      Hey DG! Great to have you here. Can i confess to having lurked frequently on your blog?

      As for the version, no need for a new version when Pee On Mum ver.1 rocks him:-)

  9. birdenbire


  10. Fhiv

    So that’s what we were doing wrong! No wonder it hasn’t worked. 🙂

  11. shal247

    @Birdenbire: Welcome, and thanks:-)
    @Fhiv: Well, now you know!!

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