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Mellon Collie

How many Screw Up and Go Free cards do you get in Parenting Monopoly?

I’m willing to NOT pass Go or collect $200.Will that count in muscling me some goodwill?

Answers anybody? Or is it three strikes and you’re out? Aaargh.

Edited to add: Yes, I know three strikes is baseball. And that the whole monopoly-baseball mixed metaphor is a screw-up. In my defence, the toddler has just launched his own nighttime civil disobedience movement. The one in which he principally objects to sleep and even faint suggestions of rest and well-being.

Ergo (God, I love the Oxbridge pretentiousness of ergo) the Mellon Collie, the unglued metaphors and infinite sadness.



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Spot the Scientist

Me: You and Armaan are the bestest-est boys in the whole world.

Arvind (looking slightly uncomfortable): Don’t say that, Mamma. You can’t say that.

Me: Of course I can. In my eyes, you two will always be the loveliest babies.

Arvind (dead earnest): But you don’t know all the children all over the world. You don’t know what they’re like. So you have no proof that we’re the best.

I give up. My mush won’t survive the rigours of analytical assessment.


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