Where is that camera anyway?

The toddler moves like a pint-size tornado across our living room, leaving it strewn with umm..interesting debris. Blinded by what he perceives to be his success, he ups the pace of his game only to lose his already precarious balance and go crashing into the sofa, flying curls and all.

He sits down with a thud, shell-shocked for a moment. His eyes brim with tears and his lower lip quivers dangerously. Before his sorrow is complete, the older brother (who is always watching) swoops down from his chair and gathers him up in his arms, murmuring in a gentle voice, “It’s okay. Your Ayya is here. You’re okay.”

He carries his little brother to his chair, seats him on his lap, and proceeds to kiss him roundly on both cheeks before nuzzling his curls.

“Fikk Armaan vondt? Did Armaan get hurt?” he enquires almost rhetorically, while continuing to cuddle him and rub his back. The toddler looks adoringly at his protector, his saviour, before throwing both his stubby little arms around his brother’s neck for a hug that takes the wind from his sails. “Amind, Amind,Ayya..” he murmurs stroking/pinching his brother’s cheeks and clenching his jaws as the affection overwhelms him. As he lays his head gently against his brothers chest, his tiny little body relaxes and his contentment is complete. If only for a New York minute.

Our boys. Our throat-lump worthy little ones. Loud and pushy one minute, inexplicably gentle and affectionate the next.

In another couple of minutes, they will be back to pulling hair and pushing each other around. But for now I can echo Maria, who sang so soulfully to Colonel Von Trapp:

“Nothing comes from nothing

Nothing ever could.

So somewhere in my youth or childhood,

I must have done something good.”

In the absence of pictorial evidence of aforementioned moment, I offer you some Sibling Lauw ( you have to be from Kerala, or know keralites well, to get that!)





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21 responses to “Where is that camera anyway?

  1. Anj

    Those curls on Armaan are to die for. Love the pics…almost makes me feel I would like another one…. I’d better re-read earlier blog about puke and try to restore sanity 🙂

  2. Era

    Hold on, I need a moment before I can comment. My heart has melted.

    You are not merely fortunate. You have been blessed.

  3. Yep, lauwly pictures. yewrione knows lauw.
    Only, your kids sibling lauw especially awww.

  4. Awwwww!! What gorgeous babies you got! How could you make up such stories about such yummilicious boys?! Naughty mom!

  5. shal247

    @June: You honorary Mallu, you:-)You’re doing it better than the natives. Now own up to this “I’m from Arunachal” hoax:-)

    @DG: What to do? We are evil like this wonly:-) But thanks!

  6. they are so CUTE!!!! seriously. Can i marry one of them? please?

  7. Deepa

    lawalmighty. How do you live with that much beauty around you! It’s blinding, they are both heartbreakingly beautiful. Kaala Teeka please, pronto!!!!

  8. Shiv

    shal, too much… sniff.

  9. shal247

    @Cyn: Errr.. we thought it might be a good idea to set the upper limit for cradle snatching to 20 years senior. Are you in?;-)

    @Deepa: Am trying to find a kala teeka symbol:-( But thank you. Blinding beauty can soon be forgotten when they bite your bum or trash your living room:-)Then we’re ready to drop them off at a kennel.

    @Shiv aka. Fhiv: Aww:-) We’ll get you up close and personal in July, right?

  10. What beautiful boys, God bless ’em!

  11. @Dipali: Thanks! – and thanks for dropping by!

  12. This definitely needs a kala tikka…they look soo cute together- almost like a conspiracy to make me have another kid.

    I can see the lauw in the pikchar.

  13. They’re gorgeous!! Zimbly gorgeous!

  14. Somewhere in your youth (it couldn’t have been childhood), you sure did something good.

  15. shal247

    @OJ:Lauwly to see you back here;-)

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