The Years Are Short

Here’s one for the seriously dry-eyed.

The Days Are Long, But The Years Are Short

Now go. Love that Sunday and live it!



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5 responses to “The Years Are Short

  1. So true, Shal! 🙂

    • shal247

      @Meena: I is profound, wot?;-)
      @Allrighthere: Yeah, I’ve been experiencing this exact feeling a lot lately. Mostly because when I look back, it is all the random good times and “timepass” I remember. It going to be the same for our litte ‘uns.
      @Era: Era, I live to make you weep, to reduce you to a mumbling mess:-) Glad you liked the movie – and don’t worry, I’m sure you have your kids vote of confidence!

  2. allrighthere

    I had that a-ha moment a few weeks ago… though not on the bus, but on the couch while snuggled up and watching a movie with the girls. It was shortly after my father died… THIS is my children’s childhood… THIS is what they’ll remember… even something as simple as this couch… It’s a real reality check.

  3. Era

    Thanks. Sometimes I feel like I’ve let so much pass me by already.

    I’m doing my best to remain stoic, but you really are trying to reduce me to tears, aren’t you?

    Beautiful movie.

  4. nat

    whither art thou?

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