Shootin’ the Breeze

Mi Casa, 8 p.m.

I am hunched over the Mac preparing a memo for my annual assessment. Just one of those events I insist on shitting bricks for as a matter of over-achieving principle. I’ve never had a bad assessment, my boss is only the most fabulous boss on earth, yet there I am on the eve of A-day, nerves-a-grated and knickers in a twist. (Yeah, thats really not as hot as you’d imagine, even though I have very nice knickers thanksverymuch)

Arvind, who still insists on making up his own homework (because neither school nor parents will give him any) is making up sums (“Whats a google plus thousand, Mamma?”) and trying kindle an interest in science in his ignorant mother (“Do you want me to draw the insides of a butterfly for you?”) You get the drift.

I do the usual nodding, hmming and hawing that all parents are familiar with, but all of a sudden there he is, his face just a few inches from mine.

“You look tired, Mamma. Do you want me to give you a massage?”

Without warning, tears spring to my eyes and I’m too overwhelmed to respond. For weeks, I can go around thinking that Arvind can’t/won’t hear a word I say or that he is far too lost in his own world and thoughts – till he displays the full extent of his empathy and perception and knocks his ole Ma over with a feather.

His tiny, gentle palms rub my shoulders and caress my back. Its heavenly is what it is. His feathery touch rubbing his mother’s aches away. I sigh and lean into my lille mann.

” One day, sweetheart, you’re going to make some woman really, really happy.”

“No, I won’t,” he snorts, “I’ll want to play Wii all day and that’ll make her mad as hell!”

Aaaaand….he’s back.

My babies hand in hand

My babies hand in hand


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12 responses to “Shootin’ the Breeze

  1. Orange Jammies

    Sniff. Okay, I guess it’s okay to have sons then. Sniff. I want.

  2. Quick OJ! For the right price, he’s yours!

  3. A realist, that’s your Arvind!

  4. Awwwwww, and then heehee.
    Gorgeous and witty , that little guy!

  5. What a beautiful picture!

  6. Aww! enjoy this phase mad mom! He has kept you out of the category of people to annoy with wii.
    You son sounds like a die hard romantic, lucky girl who gets him 😉 ha ha

  7. Anj

    That boy is a gem..looking out for his little brother , his’ve got to tell me how you trained him up :).

  8. @Dipali and @June: He is out to besmirch his mother’s reputation as world class Sap. I despair. Tell me there’s a cure.

    @Wordjunkie: Thanks:-)Yes, he will soon be writing The Wit to Woo, this one;-)

    @Serendipity: Thanks:-) Its one of my favourites too.

    @Anj: Training? Oh, I’m just relentlessly needy. That way he can’t ignore me;-)Well, not yet, anyway!

  9. Cecilie (allrighthere)

    “No, I won’t,” he snorts, “I’ll want to play Wii all day and that’ll make her mad as hell!”

    Oh I’m in PAIN from laughing so hard!!! Arvind just rocks!

  10. @Cecilie: I groan, but I concur;-)

  11. man, he is going to make a heckof a guy.

  12. @Cynic: Here’s hoping!

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