Happy Mothers Day

..to all you sassy mums out there! A special HOLLA to my mum, Ammamma Gone Mad and my precious grandma whose Indian name is Never Very Normal To Begin With  – but damn! I love her.

In Norway, Mothers Day is celebrated in February. Thats Norwegians for you. They’d prefer an aneurysm to doing thing the way the rest of the world does it.

Mothers Day in sunny May? Just lame. In freezing February when you can’t crawl out of bed without losing both your legs to frostbite – why, how dandy!

The boys were good to me – knowing fully well that NOT being good to me would involve untold misery and suffering for months – and the possible cancellation of their birthdays. Yes, we know how to toe the line here, we do.

So breakfast in bed it was. Breakfast preceded by spread-eagled-single-in-bed bliss. (Unless you co-sleep, you can’t understand the utter joy of aforementioned position).


Ciabatta, fresh from the oven - and kiddie yoghurt!! Arvind's touch.

The card and flowers were hugely appreciated, (and the Viking can do some serious food deco!) but the paper was readily given up in favour of war-whoops, cuddles and yoghurt in bed. Do not try this at home – ever.

On the other hand, whats some food on our winter coloured sheets when one is the proud recipient of this smothering bliss?

Enough with the cuddling, woman! There are important calls to be made.

Enough with the cuddling, woman! There are important calls to be made.

Yup, I thought you’d see it my way;-)

p.s. In case you’re wondering about the haute-not couture, it hit the runways in 2002, a mere few days before Arvind opened his eyes to the world. This ratty rag of a robe has bravely gone through hitherto unexplored hospital corridors and survived its copious share of Ejected Body Fluids. But – its also the ratty robe my babies buried their noses into when they needed my familiar scent; the fabric they clutched at with their tiny little fingers, in lieu of a security blanket;  the warmth they crawled into during cold winter mornings.

Six years down the line, its soft, worn and icky – pretty much like the mother I’ve become!

p.p.s Can totally imagine my mother with her hands to her forehead, going, “Ayyo! What is the HOLLA business? Some new bad word she’s picked up or what? Deyvame!” Eyes will roll heavenward as she wordlessly beseeches the gods to make her daughter less of a potty mouth.


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20 responses to “Happy Mothers Day

  1. nat

    you too girl. you too.

  2. Era

    Looks like you had a lovely time! Now I see why those boys are so handsome, you gorgeous creature, you.

  3. Love the picture of you three.
    Icky indeed, you look lovely.

  4. Awesomeness. And you also gave me a panic attack. I never considered I would have to share a room once i get married. Imagine another human being in my house, in my ROOM, in my BED everyday!

  5. That is a lovely pic…all three of you look great.And Arvind’s expression is priceless:-)

  6. sweet this is. warm fuzzy feeling.

  7. maidinmalaysia

    “You have straight, coloured hair and the way you dress and all..I was sure you were from up North. And you know how it is….”

    i wanted to quote to you my friend from Thanjavur 😉

    possible cancellation of birthdays eh? that’s a great one to add to my threat-list (that’s SO not happening)

  8. Medha

    I have been reading your blog for months now…but commenting for the first time.

    Can I just say..that you are one hawt mama! 😉
    In other words- You look beautiful! 🙂 And your kids are too gorgeous! 🙂

    Loved this post!

  9. allrighthere

    Soft, worn, and icky? Yeah, aren’t we all at times 😉

  10. Wanted to say – you DO look like a Northie!!

    tee hee!

    *runs away*

  11. Amma

    Holla, baby. Dont you know that nothing shocks me these days. May be my two kids have made me sort of shock proof

  12. Happy Mothers Day, you hot momma with the gorgeous boys:)

  13. I have left a little present for you on my blog.Please go and claim it!

  14. @ALL: Gawd, missed you guys – every single one of you. Been in Germany for a few days. Back now. So if you saw any live feeds from Berlin, that was me – missing you.

    @Nat: Thanks, hon:-)

    @Era: AWWWWW!!! My first award!!! I LOVE. Thanks so much. Incredibly sweet of you. How do I post it somewhere on my blog though? As for the photo – lucky camera angle. Really. I don’t stop traffic. An auto maybe;-)

    @June: You make my day too with this fresh honour!! Its gonna kill me to write anything awesome about myself – but my therapist has said he’ll help. Thank god for that!
    As for bed sharing – be afraid. Be very afraid. Home sharing even more so!

    @ILWML and Cynic: Thanks guys:-)

    @MiM: Et tu? Now I will have to terminate both you and Ms. Thanjavoor. No, actually I’ll spare you. Consider yourself spared for your tremendous entertainment value:-)

    @Medha: Hey girl! Thanks for delurking – love it when that happens. But you’re making me blush and thats not becoming:-) Ref. to my reply to Era above. I’m actually faking cheekbones here!

    @Allrightthere: Yup, aren’t we all?:-)

    @DG: Its a compliment, no? no? Otherwise, I hope your training for the 5K will save you from my wrath, dudette!:-)

    @Sraikh: Good to see you here:-) I was at your place yesterday and where were you with a cuppa? Nowhere is what!:-) ok, but now that you’re here – chai piyogi?;-)

    @Amma: Guys, here’s the mom. The Zen one.

  15. ooh.. Dipali: right back at you!:-)

  16. hey shal. me long time lurker 🙂
    been waiting for a post after ur Mother’s Day one. Thought I’d prod u on a bit. A tag for u: Around the world in 80 clicks: 5 things I love about being a Mom

    • Mom Gone Mad

      Hey Richa. awesome that you delurked:-) I will get onto it soon.. promise:-)

      @MM: There you are, lovely lady! Nah, we’re the average parents with the dishy kids:-)

  17. jeez. now you know where the kids get their looks from 🙂 Happy happies to you and holla too.

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