Daily Archives: May 21, 2009


Venue: Breakfast table

Arvind: When are we going to move?

Puzzled Mom and Dad: Uhh…move? We aren’t. Why?

Arvind: Unless you clean up this messy house soon, I would really like to move.

*Sigh* We have gone terribly wrong somewhere. Arvind complains of inhospitable living conditions if there is an undie on the floor. Armaan starts sweeping the floor with a broom as soon as he enters the house. Nothing rocks his world like a vacuum cleaner.

We thought we were passing on real values. Not tripe like cleanliness and that being next to godliness and all.

Guess what Mamma has been doing all day? Guess who can eat their dinner off the hardwood floor now?

Hope you’re happy now, neatniks.  Enjoy your frozen pizza. What? You thought you were getting real dinner after my blood, sweat and toil?


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