Venue: Breakfast table

Arvind: When are we going to move?

Puzzled Mom and Dad: Uhh…move? We aren’t. Why?

Arvind: Unless you clean up this messy house soon, I would really like to move.

*Sigh* We have gone terribly wrong somewhere. Arvind complains of inhospitable living conditions if there is an undie on the floor. Armaan starts sweeping the floor with a broom as soon as he enters the house. Nothing rocks his world like a vacuum cleaner.

We thought we were passing on real values. Not tripe like cleanliness and that being next to godliness and all.

Guess what Mamma has been doing all day? Guess who can eat their dinner off the hardwood floor now?

Hope you’re happy now, neatniks.  Enjoy your frozen pizza. What? You thought you were getting real dinner after my blood, sweat and toil?


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15 responses to “Overheard

  1. LOL, that’s cute 🙂

  2. LOL! This makes me so glad my lil one hasnt graduated beyond coos and gurgles 😉

  3. Medha

    LOL!!! He actually said he wants to move unless someone cleans the mess?? hehehe. Tooo cuute!!

  4. @Ersa: Hey, welcome to the blog. and thanks:-)

    @Richa: yes, live it up while you can:-)

    @Medha: Child is the father of man and all that. Arvind just takes it very literally! I despair….

  5. allrighthere

    Again Arvind has me in stitches – I am such a fan, lol!

    He is much like Kari… she’s my “shouldn’t you clean this car” and “I can’t sleep without my blanket being perfectly draped” kid….I think she is actually happier than I am when we come home and the cleaning lady has just been there, lol. “Oh Mommy, doesn’t it smell so lovely in here!!”

    Yupp. My kid thinks I’m a slob too. Whatever. Go move in with my mom if you want to live in a sterile environment – hrmph!

  6. @Allrighthere: YOU…give me hope:-) yeah, can you imagine the nightmare if an Arvind and Kari got together? There would be ABBA all day and a clean home LOL. (mmm. should we matchmake?)

    In fact just told Ø that after the kind of Mom they have, their gals will have no problem impressing them! Just go a step better than frozen pizza, yo!

  7. Girl, you got played. All they wanted was the pizza.

  8. Era

    My kids used to tell me I need to clean up. Now they wouldn’t dare tell me anything because they know who will be told to start cleaning – them!

    My husband is disgusted with the conditions here and frequently asks me what I’ve been doing all day. I’ve already told him its one or the other, don’t expect me to cook and clean on the same day. Most days I do neither 🙂

    And I love pizza!

    @ word junkie – funny!

    • Mom Gone Mad

      @Era: The nerve of that mister Sundar, I tell ya! What have you been doing? Maintaining your great blog is what! And I agree, cooking and cleaning on the same day? What are we? Multitaskers? Sheesh!

  9. Everyone else in my house is a slob, so that’s alright:)
    And I’m a fraud neatnik- if everyone’s away, I only tidy up the day before they’re due home!

  10. @Dipali: I love how candid you are! Could you please tell my mother than the fake neatnik life is a option and that she doesn’t permanently need the duster in her hand as a fixture? Thanks. Checks in the mail:)

  11. ys

    Uh oh,,, that child has taken my heart away so many times already – my hubby will complain to you one of these days… sigh!

  12. @ys: He’s charming alright – when he’s not being hypercritical:-) This morning, I was asked why the dishes weren’t put in the dishwasher? Surely, it wasn’t so hard?


  13. ys

    oh, I guess it may be time for you to get his royal self to DO some of the work he demands from you? I’m sure being a fabolous mom you wud have already started him on helping you around the house… that keeps complaints low to some extent!

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