Just Dance

Oh, Ellen!

You, I love. You make insomnia worthwhile. You make me incontinent with laughter.

Enjoy, dear readers. Ellen DeGeneres at Tulane’s 2009 Commencement Speech.

Found on Amit’s wonderful blog.


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7 responses to “Just Dance

  1. Era

    Great clip! I don’t mean to get all philophical on you, but she really hit home for me when she mentioned that you have to be yourself. That’s been a major breakthrough for me, especially since starting my blog. And of course I love the fact that she does it in a funny way.

  2. This was super! Very wise beneath all the humour. Thanks:)

  3. @Era and Dipali: She is very wise, and wisdom is just that much more attractive cloaked in humour.

    And Era, I am in total agreement with you about the blogging. I think most of us find ourselves in a way, find a community of belonging through this exercise. I’m lovin’ it!

  4. Meluhhan

    I’ve been stalking you for about a week now, and decided I’d finally make an honest bloggerina out of myself. So I’m blogging anonymously, of course.

    Ellen’s great. I wish she came in desi flavor.

    • Mom Gone Mad

      Hey, thanks for de-lurking! Well, warm up anonymously, but let us get to know you later – deal?

      Yes, Ellen’s awesome. Am all for desi-flavoured Ellen as long as they don’t dub her into Hindi or Telegu or Malayalam. Should that woeful day come, I will plead temporary insanity and perform terrible, criminal deeds.

  5. Awesome speech.
    “Dont show your boobs show your brains and you will get more beads than you will what to do with..”

    My favourite quote

  6. @sraikh: yes, that was hilarious! For me, “alumni, alumnus, aluminium” won for sure:-)

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