Wondering Aloud

1. Is it redundant to say “trying to shed baby weight” when said baby is almost two? Does it smack of such sloth that I must revert to “widening girth indicative of expanding heart” or similiar comforting euphemism for blubber?

Can I hide behind or in a giant tub of ice-cream when I get there?

2. When son sees mother sobbing over random YouTube film clip, when will it be appropriate to answer honestly, “Its ok, darling. Don’t you worry. Mamma is just pre-menstrual.”

Never you say?


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7 responses to “Wondering Aloud

  1. Era

    Yeah, you might want to spare son that much information.

    My “baby” is now ten so the statute of limitations has already run on me saying that I have baby fat to contend with.

    I am simply full figured and “Real Women Have Curves”. Have you seen that movie by the way? It’s actually quite good. A young America Ferrera of Ugly Betty fame stars in it.

  2. Given what a slob I am when it comes to exercise, I think I’m going to settle for the “Real Women Have Curves” spiel. Though I might replace Curves with Lumps. Or Love Bumps or something.

    Def. gonna pick up the movie now that its recommended – thanks:-)

  3. Medha

    LOL yes ma’am.. i think never!

    Unless you want your son to ask “Mamma what is menstrual?” 😉

    Provided ofcourse he can pronounce ‘menstrual’ at the age of two…Hey then maybe you *can* tell him that. He won’t be able to make heads or tails of it anyways! ;)haha.

    • Mom Gone Mad

      @Medha: Yup, the early start is imperative!

      @Suki: You’ve been in these parts before:-) As for being “allowed” expression, emotional or otherwise – I would prefer to think that these are things we have to claim. Claim yourself and shape yourself. I’d like to think there is more expression than just anger and indifference out there. I’m sorry that thats what you’re meeting most. Both are manifestations of helplessness, si? It’s a pity to see people pushing themselves into corners and dingy places instead of testing their wings for flight.

  4. Delurking here(I think).

    LMAO – “Mamma is just pre-menstrual”. On a more serious note though, I wonder when it will be okay for women to be women. For people to be “allowed” to have emotions and express them.
    It makes me sad that anger and indifference seem to be the only socially acceptable emotions nowadays. I hope that’s just my skewed perception!

  5. Wow, I think you answered the question I was trying not to ask myself.
    Thank you.

  6. nat

    you’re looking flabulous shal. if you’re trying to get back to that size zero you were, spare us the ‘denouement’ would ya?

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