Its That Meme Time of the Month

I was tagged ages ago by Nat, the BFF and lately by Richa do the Around The World In 80 Clicks tag.

Five things I love about being a mother. But alas for you! I am an anarchist and I loathe precision and brevity.

Can you imagine the Sound of Music if Rodgers and Hammerstein just got to mention five favourite things?

You would have raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles, warm woollen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with string and a helluva crappy song. No dogbites, bee stings or general gaeity.

But I ramble now. You were forewarned.

Right. Deep breath and here goes:

1. Tiny fingerprints, lip-prints, wet open-mouth prints on all glassy and semi-matt surfaces. A top reason not to dust or wash windows. I can spend ages staring, remembering funny faces meshed into glass and feel molten with love.

2. Bedtimes in a darkened room. The way soft hair tickles your nose when you bury your face into his neck to hum a lullaby. The mother of pearl eyelids. The heartbeats that make your heart stop. The slack-jawed sleep of the innocent child. Drool and milk on my t-shirt.

3. Scribbles on walls. The spot outside our bedroom door where Arvind scribbled our names as soon as he learnt to write. The way he drew me beside his bed because it made him feel I was always there. (I had a small head and a huge gut – he was amazingly accurate) The tiny red hearts drawn on the wall next to our bed. The use of Scotch Brite can be met with capital punishment in this home.

4. The banishment of self-indulgence. Had a bad day? Bad week at work? Sprained back? Cracked ribs? Well, pop an aspirin with your whisky, end the goddamn pity party and get a move on. You have a child to raise, a path to beat down, huge mistakes to make and no-one else to take the blame. (This is sucky, but I love how character building it is for a wuz like me who would gladly chuck it otherwise!)

5. The sheer physicality of it all. More than the marrow-squeezing hugs and sloppy kisses. Knowing their geography and topography by heart. The cuts, the moles, the scars, the ingrown nail, the dimples. Learning a new language – the hunch of dejected shoulders, the excited restless legs, fluttering hands, bursting hearts and eyes all welled-up or shining like black opals. The way the spoon is always just so.

6. The Dad. Only other human being as overwhelmingly in love with them as I am. 50-50 parenting partner since 2003. (Ok, often 75-25 in his favour if you will). You breed, you weep, you gnash a little, but suddenly there you are, knee-deep in it together, developing this code – this secret braille of adoration incomprehensible to anyone else. Yes, even the Mossad.

7. The Dad – Part 2. Gallows humour during the very worst of times. Deliveries from hell, a child’s operation, almost kicking the bucket post-partum second time round. We have never held each other so much or laughed as much. Being the Better to the other’s Worse. Life, screw your lemons. We’ve made Seinfeld episodes out of you each time.

8. Oh the humility. Next to Death, probably the best leveller in these parts. The kick in the teeth to all those bourgeoisie notions of self, of parenting and childrearing. Throwing out the books and playing it by the ear, the gut and occasionally an armhole. On a wing and a prayer, folks!



Picolo’s Mamma – June

Piccolo Rajiv’s Mom


Muthamma – Arzoo’s and Tamanna’s Mom



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16 responses to “Its That Meme Time of the Month

  1. Oh my my! thank you. Though I must warn you, he recently chewed my phone charger chord AND the computer charger. Right now, I wanna barbeque him and slather him in mustard sauce.

  2. Mom Gone Mad

    LOL! Shh.. June! Child Protection Services in Denmark could be listening!:-)

  3. This was lovely! I’m glad you did more than five:)

  4. nat

    well one of the things i remember and cherish about our respective motherhoods is the first pregnancies we shared together. and how the due dates were practically neck n neck. how you made your mom call me when arvind was born.
    i was appalled with the turn of events after each one but Im glad you hung in there and are here. really.
    great list. but then i already sort of knew ur list 😉

  5. nat

    P.S. – I must be pre-menstrual. **rolls eyes** hence the verbal diarrhoea.

  6. Aaaaaaaaawwwwww. Am soo glad u wrote this. Made me all teary n misty eyed.
    I’ve experienced some of the stuff you wrote.. and cant wait to get more 🙂

  7. ys

    lovely post – wish you both loads more of ‘enzoy!’ bringing them up :)!

  8. Meluhhan

    Aww, how cute! I have a little one too, a bonsai ficus, so I know EXACTLY what you mean!

    No, seriously!

  9. Blogrolling you, not just because my blogroll looks a tad empty. 🙂

  10. Era

    Such a wonderful perspective. I wish I had thought about such a list when my kids were at this age. The list changes as they mature. Cherish every bit of it.

  11. maidinmalaysia

    go forth and multiply, MGM.

    if it makes you write like this

  12. @Dipali: Thanks! Am glad you enjoyed it:-)

    @Nat: Thanks for tagging me!Your pre-menstrual verbal diarrhoea is my happy place:-) And ditto about the shared pregnancy. Am so glad we bloated together in 2002 – and 7 years later you’re still here for me:-)

    @Richa: Thanks for reminding me about the tag! Glad you enoyed the post:-)

    @ys: Thanks:-) BTW, do you blog?

    @Meluhhan: Danke! Always lovely to be blogrolled. I can allow myself to believe, if for a few minutes, that I have something resembling a readership;-)Bloggawogga rolling you too!:-) And could you enlarge your profile pic? I’m going cross-eyed trying to make you out.. you look quite lovely:-)

    @Era: Lets just enjoy the now:-) I feel bad sometimes that I ddin’t write more down when Arvind was small. Armaan will be one of the few 2nd kids more chronicled than the 1st!:-)

    @MiM: Oh, I would:-( Only 2 problems. Sperm donor has denied access. And I think I just heard my uterus screech, slink away and pretend to be my liver! There’s a reason my birth stories aren’t in print!:-)

  13. Meluhhan

    Thanks, MGM. 🙂 Have you ever considered that perhaps my profile pic is just small enough and fuzzy enough to give the impression that I look lovely?

    So what’s life in Norge like? I once learned a Norwegian pick-up line from a phrasebook, something to the effect of ‘can i take you home with me?’. I never really used it..*sigh*

  14. @Meluhhan: “Blir du hjem med meg?”

    How do you think I got here?;-)

    Should use it sometime. I’d like the company!

  15. Chuchu

    Hey there,lovely eye-misting post and just to let you know that I really enjoy reading you;and you have 2 beeeeautiful boys;and I ROFL at some of your comments:D…take care

    Delurking…usually skip over here after reading your pithy comments on TMM

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