Running Away

Today I needed to run away.

I needed to be somewhere that wasn’t home.

I needed to breathe some new air.

I needed a space where my thoughts would be kind to me, less agitated.

I have missed re-connecting with the loner in me who dies just a little whenever the extrovert takes over the oxygen supply.

I needed to be by the sea. I needed to be close to my element.

I’ve been fortunate to have almost always lived by the sea. Now I’m even more fortunate in that I live on the South west coast of Norway, which boasts of spectacular beaches.

In the ebb and flow of this tide lies my peace and solitude.

As soon as the kids are in bed, I’m out of the door. I’m restless and unable to settle on any song as I drive. I’m greedy with longing for the bracing cool air, the taste of salt on my lips, the feel of sand in my shoes.

Longing to tune my heart to the rhythm of the waves.

15 minutes and I’m here.

Sola Beach

This particular picture captures the light at the beach at around 9 in the evening.

Perched on a dune, looking out at this glorious calm, I can breathe again. Great, huge lungfuls of air – as if air was to be rationed shortly. The gentle lapping of the waves against the shore pulls me to the  water’s edge and had it not been so cold, I would have begun to swim. I would have dived into the deep and relished the murky, pounding silence. I settle for splashing the sea water on my face and am delighted by the tingling of the skin, the salty dryness.

Facing the inexorable power of the sea; its potential for unfathomable violence; for subterranean calm,  its easy to let go.

I can acknowledge that its not in my hands.

I can see the beauty of breathing from the pit of your being and releasing this invisible, yet heavy cloud of worry.

let me share with you the opening lines of one of my favourite poems by Thomas Hood:

There is a silence where hath been no sound,

There is a silence where no sound may be,

In the cold grave – under the deep deep sea.

And just like that, I’m ready to go home again.

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19 responses to “Running Away

  1. Era

    Wow! Thanks for taking me on that trip with you. I love the ocean…and I know that got to get away feeling too. (Note to self: got to get to Norway!)

  2. Era

    Note to self again: not in the winter!!!

  3. Wow, you really can drive down to someplace like this from home? I AM jealous.

    I need to, need to get to Norway. Till then, take me on trips with you like this. I could feel the saltiness of the air, right here.

  4. Medha

    Okay that pic was taken at 9 IN THE EVENING?!!
    It’s quite sunny for 9pm!!

    Beautiful pic and lovely post!!

  5. sigh.. how do u know what I was thinking!!! I just had a fight with HD – I need a break. I need to get away to some place that isnt home (or office!). I want to be by the sea. To just relax and breathe it in…..
    but where I live, the sea is atleast a 6 hour drive as the crow flies.

    how I envy you… and the weary me soaks in those lovely words and that amazing scene, savouring it with you.

  6. Just the right picture to focus on, on a stressful tuesday! Love this post for the sheer poetry in your words. But Blah! such big words you use, I had to look but the dictionary 😉

  7. Chuchu

    Stunning view and you painted a vivid picture with your words….are you a “wordsmith’too?

    • Mom Gone Mad

      @Chuchu: Well, am a journalist by profession, but a bureaucrat now. That involves a lot of writing, and none of it poetic. I teach as well. So yes, jack of all, master of none yet;-)

  8. @Era: Show me a mum who *doesn’t* know that feeling:-) And yes, get yourself to Norway!

    @ILWML: Anytime, anytime:-)You’re more than welcome to taste the saltiness in person!

    @Medha: Thank you:-) Yes, the sun doesn’t set till almost midnight now. By mid-june, it’ll be light almost round the clock. One of the perks of almost-arctic life!

    @Richa: Glad these words could help. Helped me write them too. Yeah, somedays you just can’t cop a break. Did you live by the sea before?

    @June: Thanks:-) and big words? you articulate fraudster you! Howzzat for big words?;-)

  9. Meluhhan

    That was beautiful.

    A coast whence ships once sailed, wreaking havoc and destruction upon the civilized world..can you see the ghost of ships long gone? (That’s what your words did to me!)

    The sea is indeed magical..

    I have an image emblazoned in my mind of Bergen in summer, from my ViewMaster. It always gave me the same (perhaps highly diluted, because it was just a stereoscopic image) sense of calm you allude to. Nature always humbles me with its strength and raw power.

    I really should do that fjord cruise I’ve been promising myself.

  10. Breathtaking…That is a lovely picture, very sunny for 9pm…

  11. @Meluhhan: Thank you:-) And you’ve been to Bergen???? Its a beautiful city, even though it rains like 300 days a year.

    and def. yes to the fjord cruise:-)

    @Ersa: Thanks. Yes, it is very light at this time of year.

  12. Cecilie M

    Seriously! It’s not even a joke! TWINS! U & me babe! Nothing soothes my seething mind like listening to the ocean gently crushing towards the shore. I can sit there for hours.

  13. I normally run and hide in the bathroom when I need to get away. I like your view much better. 🙂
    Very refreshing..

  14. Mom Gone Mad

    @Cecilie M: D-uh! As I’ve been saying for ayy-ges!:-)Speaking of which, we need to get together sometime..

    @sraikh: LOL! yes, i think i might pick this over my bathroom – though the b’room does have its balming qualities:-)

  15. Amma

    The love of the sea must be in the genes. I can forever sit listening to the music of the waves and also looking and wondering at the majesty and power of the sea in all its moods. It is so soothening .May be one day we will get permission to make that cottage in thikkodi.

  16. I know I’m a little late on this, but it is beautiful. Cheers.

  17. So very beautiful! The place, the photograph, your poetic writing……

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