Curls and Woes

“Isn’t it about time he got his hair cut?” the Viking enquires gingerly.

Head of hair – exhibit A. Now tell me why this man is puzzled when I mete out the usual corporal punishment and thwack him soundly before snorting imperiously, “What nonsense!”

Yes, am v. classy like that.


I am a slave to these curls. Wispy, brown curls that are perfectly springy and soft as down. They are as nuts as the baby endowed with them and they live a life that is entirely their own with the discreet assistance of some Loreal curl cream. (Seriously people, what were the odds that I wouldn’t? Hopefully, the vanity entered his blood in utero.)

I’m the gluesniffer inhaling Curlytop – the mashed banana, strawberry yoghurt, baby shampoo scent of him and drowning happily, just a little.


These curls are all thats left of the baby before the full-blown toddler takes over with strong, stubby arms and legs, a confident stride, a startling smile and a mouth full of words masquerading as sentences.

So smitten am I that I am holding on for dear life, but unfortunately so is that cold he’s had for a month.

This misanthropic bastard has me beat.


The drive to the hairdressers had me feeling like Delilah preparing to shaft Samson.

Being at the hairdressers was a Rudaali convention. Armaan not only let out a mighty wail – he babbled furiously through his tears. I think I made out the part where he wailed, “You’re killing the mojo, yo.”

Je comprends, mon cheri.

And here’s what we got after the river of tears was mopped up and a good nights sleep was had. Luckily, the boy has the memory of a gnat.


Curlytop all gone. No longer the Child With Ambiguous Gender, but a little boy. A wicked little boy with short hair – shorn of the dancing curls of a girl. The mothers heart is just a wee bit achy.

Edited to add: The first commenter that encourages me to reactivate the uterus and have a girl will be my freshly-appointed surrogate mother. I kid you not. Hey, whats good enough for Sarah Jessica Parker is plenty good enough for me!


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28 responses to “Curls and Woes

  1. That kid could get away with mass murder with those curls. He can still get away with mass murder with that smile.

    No, I think you’ve more than exceeded your cuteness per uterus quota already. How much more of it can you humanly take? 🙂

  2. @Meluhhan: I blush in a becoming manner on Armaan’s behalf.

    He can never read this blog. I can’t risk the big-headedness:-)

  3. Era

    Surrogate huh? Then never mind… on to the next part of the comment.

    What a cute little fellow! Have he and his brother started bringing home dates yet?

  4. Medha

    Awwwwww those curls are all gone?!!!

    Well, he still looks gorgeous!

    LOL @ “freshly appointed surrogacy”.
    *lips sealed* No, no not encouraging you to ummmm “reactivate the uterus” at all! hehe 😉 Instead, wait for a few months…and the curls will grow back! 😀

  5. Medha

    Awwwwww those curls are all gone?!!!

    Well, he still looks gorgeous!

    LOL @ “freshly appointed surrogate mother”.
    *lips sealed* No, no not encouraging you to ummmm “reactivate the uterus” at all! hehe 😉 Instead, wait for a few months…and the curls will grow back! 😀

  6. Awww, he looks adorable now.
    Did you keep a few of those wispy curls?
    LOL at Meluhhan’s comment.

  7. awww aww awwwwwwww, he is soooo cute with those curls…and even without :-)…

  8. I hope you have at least one of those curls saved.
    He looks cute…curls or no curls.

  9. Hey……you are welcome to have Tam with her curls and brattie luggage…..does that qualify for surrogacy….

    And yes, you better be prepared to have broken hearts all over your lawn….that smile can leave you week kneed any time babe…..curly mop or not

  10. such cuuuute curls he had! Why oh why did you succumb and get them cut!?

  11. maidinmalaysia

    the boy may have the memory of a gnat, but he also has on the same tee as firstborn. so samepinching away …

    erm … and does this involve spitting on it too ..?
    cant really remember, another birthday is approaching and all that…

    the pix were cuteness overload:-)

  12. maidinmalaysia

    that’s why the curls had to be cut off, as nature’s response to cuteness overload

  13. huh! good thing i read the edited to add bit before commenting. i shall come and join u in wailing for the lost curls. lips zipped, of course.

  14. Chuchu

    Ayyyoda!those curls were heart-meltingly cute and ROFL @ his “killing the mojo…”:D
    and the cuteness/utero comment from Meluhhan-priceless!

  15. @Era: Dates you say? Well, sure. If they get past the mom at the door with the threatening trident in hand.

    @Medha: Actually, curls are springing back already. Indomitable they are!

    @Wordjunkie: Hey, I fought the viking on the matter of keeping the icky bit of the umbulical cord. I lost, but my sentimentality is intact! Yes, curls safely sealed in ziploc bag.

    @Ersa: Thanks:-)

    @ILWML: Yup, all saved in a ziploc. Thank god for those:-)

    @Muthu: Don’t tempt me to kidnap Tam! I will, you know. As for cuteness of said boy, we need to get them some geek/dork effects. But what? thick glasses? wierd haircuts? chastity belts?

    @Richa: Refer to misanthropic cold. Hate him.

    @MiM: Yeah! first born also a liverpool supporter? Same pinch and of course we spit on it! As for cuteness overload – gah! kid doesn’t need a big head:-)

    @DG: Thanks..You be my Rudaali friend:-)

    @Chuchu: Thanks:-) And “ayyoda”? be u a mallu? Stand forth!

  16. Cecilie M

    aaaaAAAAAAWWWW!!! The CURLS!!! My heart be still. It just broke a little. Those curls.

    Kari had the exact same hair when she was a toddler… and since she was a girl I didn’t cut it. But as she’s grown older her hair has grown thicker and thicker and now there’s just a slight wave left of those perfect ringlets. I close my eyes and I can still feel them, see them, smell them…

    You will ALWAYS remember the curls and get all mushy inside. I kept a lock of Kari’s hair.

    ok…can’t stay… must go find said lock of hair and have a mushy mommy moment!

  17. Another gushing over his cuteness.
    Dont they look like a mini man after a haircut.

  18. Reactivate the uterus! Imagine if you had a girl…she could keep those curls FOREVER!She will go to spas with you! You have already produced 2 good quality samples. Imagine what a stunner a well experienced uterus and genes could produce!!!!

  19. Mom Gone Mad

    @Cecilie: You’ll make me weep, woman! Now go, enjoy your mushy mommy moment:-)

    @sraikh: They do so:-(

    @June: Wow. I don’t think my uterus ever bargained for so much airtime or praise. She’s kinda chuffed and loving it! I love you for making me sound like a thoroughbred producing sleek stallions and the spa was a compelling point..just don’t make me tell you the awful birth stories. Tubes will be tied in horror!:-)

  20. Mom Gone Mad

    @June: ooh, and you’re it! The surrogate. check the Edit. Shouldave dodged the bullet, baby!

    • Mom Gone Mad

      @Nat: Ditto:-( Reh has pretty curly hair though, right?

      @June: LMAO! I’ll bet you can visualise that:-)

  21. Oh shoot! But no matter how well the lab mixes stuff I think my uterus may be incapable of birthing curly hair.
    Count your blessings that days of real vikings are past. I can imagine you at a stud farm bitrhing cute viking studs.

  22. nat

    Reh had his curls chopped many a time until they just decided never to come back. hence the SOB. I miss them.

  23. @Nat: This is my fear:-(

  24. chuchu

    *sheepishly coming to stand in front*…couldn’t keep the mallu under covers for long esp when there are such outstanding mallu-viking offspring to “konjify”-please give him a beeeg “kettipiddy umma” from me!:)

    • Mom Gone Mad

      @Chuchu! Yeah! yet another person who will get the obscure Mallu references of which we are so proud! Kettipidy and umma will be dutifully passed on:-)

  25. Dileep

    Curls or no curls, he looks a natural in that Liverpool kit. El Nino Mark II.

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