Milestones and Magic

I was checking my mail during lunch when this little missive came in.

Dearest ******, (pet name for MGM)

Congrats on crossing 10,000 hits on your blog. Now I hope you will be gaining in confidence to start that BOOK me and the Viking have been waiting for.

Hugs n kisses,

Your proud Mamma

Two things must be said in this regard.

  • The Amma is a bit of a dog with a bone when it comes to fierce, relentless faith in her offspring’s capabilities. She more than compensates for all the amibition I lack:-) She also feigns deafness when I tell her repeatedly that there is no book in me, that there is no such goal. If she hasn’t heard it, it isn’t true:-)

  • This is why you need mothers – and why you love them when you’re all growed up.

I am awful at rolling out the big brass drum and marking these milestones, but somehow I’ve crossed two major blogging ones.

10,000 hits and my 50th post.

Peanuts and entirely insignificant compared to some of the major league bloggers I read. I don’t have to worry about blogger celebrity anytime soon and I’m really happy with the relative anonymity. Yet today, it is a big deal for several small reasons.

I started out with no ambition other than needing to write, wanting to stay sane and needingย  a space to vent and express myself. I wanted to remember the puppies’ childhood – to record the small and insignificant little moments that I would otherwise forget. Being read by someone was just an added bonus, but quite frankly, I didn’t expect to be read by anyone but close family and friends. Initially, I was appallingly shy about reaching out to other bloggers and delurking to comment.

The real joy of blogging, the fun, doesn’t really kick in till the interaction kicks in. I’ve had the time of my life getting to know these other amazing bloggers, cherishing their thoughts, relishing their play with words. I seek out their writing daily like a junkie craving a fix with his morning coffee. Hanging out virtually and cyber-chewing the fat has given me meaningful connections to other people, to their lives – connections to different perspectives.

So thank you, to the 10 of you (6 excluding my family? WAIL!) who maybe comprise most of my hits:-) Thanks for wanting to read what I have to say and actually stopping by to give me feedback. You make my day everyday. What? You didn’t get the memo about Moi – the feedback whore? Shame. I don’t really care about notching up a readership, but I care greatly for the personal e-mails you sometimes send and for letting me get to know you better. You have made it worthwhile. and GAWD..

Without intending to, I sound like I’m on a goddamn soapbox taking home an Oscar. Ok, an Emmy then. No? At least a Tony?

I saved my best for last – and its a Friendship Award from the lovely Era, who hosts an awesome blog and actually updates daily. Yes, you heard me. So go on over. You’ll stay warm in Florida and she’ll make you laugh.



The award says:

“These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated.โ€

Awwww. I melt into a big fat puddle is what.

Era, you rocked me with this one! She awarded me almost two weeks ago and I’ve felt like an ungrateful wretch for not posting it sooner. But looking at it now, its a perfect fit for this post! Thanks again, Era!

Edited to add: Err guys?? The wordpress edit monster ate some comments. Dunno how. Pliss to post again if you find your comment swallowed.ย  Remember? Feedback whore:-)


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35 responses to “Milestones and Magic

  1. Medha

    Aww that’s so sweet of your mom!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Here’s to looking forward to many more posts on this space…


  2. I recently started reading and can I say I love you and your blog. Like really.

    Congrats on the 50th post! Heres to many,many more.

  3. Congrats…I’ve been reading you for little over two weeks now and I must say I love it here…Keep writing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Where did my comment go? :-(..Anyway, this is what I wrote…

    Congrats…I’ve been reading you for a little over 2 weeks now and I must say I love this space. Keep writing…:-)

  5. @Ersa: Looks like WordPress fixed itself. Go figure. Thanks Ersa! Your kind words mean a lot!

    @Medha: Thanks, hon:-)and yes, the Mom is okay;-)

    @sraikh: Right backachya! Love your blog. Now if I can only acquire some of your magical dishwashing prowess and organizational skills!

  6. kodi's mom

    10 vistors & 10K hits? you’ve got some major clickers in your family ๐Ÿ˜‰
    congrats on the 50th! started reading you just recently, and am hooked!

  7. @Kodi’s Mom: Hey there, ho there! Thanks for delurking. That never gets old:-) Pliss to send link to your blog so I can hop over and visit?

    @Nat: Thanks, babe. You got this started, BTW. Me lovin’ your blog an’ all!

  8. Era

    Congratulations! 10,000 hits…That’s amazing. Thanks for all the good reading material and keep it coming!

  9. Tiyash

    Hey MGM!

    I just started reading your blog recently and I’m hooked….find myself clicking each day to check out your latest installment ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats on the 50 posts & the 10000 clicks….I do hope you write a book someday-you’ll get a reader in me for sure.

    Keep it coming & I must add your boys are adorable!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  10. zeno

    You Go Girrl!!!
    keep those blogs rolling..
    lookin fwd to u’r book!

  11. Congratulations!!! No book in you? What a about a picture book with just happy grinning faces of your kids? I would buy it.Exploit! Expolit, Prosper!

  12. Congrats MGM. It has been a pleasure reading you..and i hope you stay a little mad, so we have more stuff to read about.

    BTW, mom’s are difficult to shake off eh?They just don’t give up on us!!!

  13. Dee

    Hey, coincidently came over to ur blog!

    Its hilarious and ur babies are so adorable..

    Congrats on the milestones!!

  14. Great milestone! Congratulations!

    Why do I think women make better bloggers than men?

    While on the topic of women blogers , probably you should check out,

    I am sure you will rather like it!

  15. maidinmalaysia


    i dunno about MGM’s book, but can’t wait to read yours:-)

  16. Congrats MGM on the 50th post and the hits! Do I get a special treat? Am sure half of the hits were me ;P

  17. Badhaai ho, a gazillion hits in just 50 posts has to be a record of some kind.

  18. @Era: Thanks heaps:-) Won’t quit if you won’t;-)

    @Tiyash: Welcome – and thanks for the lovely compliment. Its always good to hear that someone is enjoying what you write:-)

    @Zeno: Thanks girl! Impressed that you’re so up and about. Aliyah must be an angel:-) As for book… err.. long wait…

    @June: LOL! You’re such a gal after my heart. Just had my ears chewed off for suggesting a modelling agency to the Viking! What did we have them for if ain’t gonna rib them?:-)

    @ILWML: Thanks.-) No need to worry about excessive sanity on my part. we’re in no danger zone there. And a resounding yes! to the Mom comment.

    @Dee: Welcome – and thanks! You gotta love serendipity. Hang around some!

    @Rada: Thanks:-) Why women make better bloggers? Could it be the inexhaustible capacity for small talk?;-)Thanks for the link – she’s hilarious:-)

    @MiM: You Amma worshipper, you:-) She’ll have a bigger head than me and Armaan soon!!!

  19. @Richa! Awww. thanks!yes, we must find a suitable treat!

    @wordjunkie: Oh, so far from a record my dear!:-)Its all very unspectacular really. So much so that I’m almost a bit embarrassed now! But man, have I enjoyed this ride so far:-)

  20. Meluhhan

    Mucho respect for anyone who blogs every single day!

    I’d buy the book too. Write it, and I’ll write mine and we can be literary buddies!

    Personality does have a way of shining through a blog, and we love yours. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Mom Gone Mad

      @Meluhhan: Aww.-) Don’t make me break into an ugly cry now. And stop saying you’ll buy the book. I’ll never get the madre off my back at this rate!

  21. Dottie

    Congrats and keep blogging (hey I just discovered you).. you write brilliantly! here’s to the book.
    (how do you know you don’t have a book in you unless you write it ;-))

  22. 10k hits on yr 50th post? bleddy hell! that’s AWESOME dude!

  23. there, now you know where to find me!

  24. write a book no. please? please. please.

    also *clink* here’s to many, many more years of blogging

  25. Mom Gone Mad

    @Dottie: You’ll make me blush now. Thanks:-) No book without child outsourcing – and I’ve become oddly fond of them. Never saw that coming:-)

    @DG: Thanks:-)I don’t know if it unusual or good or what.. maybe I read too many uber-bloggers – so it seems like a small thing compared to their 10,000 hits a day and stuff. But its been fun:-)

    @Kodi’s Mom: Hopping over now:-)

    @Cynic: *Clink* right backachya. And shush! The Amma is still reading. No book in me. Maybe once I get some sleep:-)

  26. Just wanted to say, “Present ma’am!” Am an integral part of your fan club.

  27. Mom Gone Mad

    terri: Welcome – and thanks for sticking around:-)

  28. Just to say that your name itself makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time ๐Ÿ™‚ Just to know there’s another mom gone mad…so comforting:)

    congrats and don’t you dare stop! I’m your newest fan.

  29. chuchu

    Hey..congrats!your blog is so addictive,now my kids want to read too or ask me for the latest!
    And wholly agree with the “personality shining through..”comment..:)

  30. Love your blog… keep writing! I agree with your mom.. You do have a book inside you. some day, maybe you’ll make the time to write it.

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