We have a long weekend (again) this weekend thanks to the Pentecost holiday. For the unbiblical, that is the 50th day after the resurrection of Christ when his disciples received the Holy Spirit.

The only holy spirit I received today had ample quantities of vodka in it. This post may slur.

Arvind: ” So we’re not going to school on Monday? Is Jesus going to take Monday off too?”

Yup, Jesus and Mamma need a looong weekend. And beer.

Would that look good on a t-shirt?


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9 responses to “Overheard

  1. Medha


    MGM, that would SO look good on a t-shirt!! πŸ˜€

    Kids *do* say the darndest things don’t they?

    One time, my 20 year old cousin was jokingly boasting to my brother (who was around two-ish at that time) that he has eaten all sorts of meat. My brother asked “You’ve had cat meat?”, my cousin replied “Yes”. My brother asked “you’ve had dog meat?”, my cousin replied “Yes!”..then my brother asked “Have you had elephant meat?”..my cousin replies “Oh yes!!”…and my brother thinks for about a second and he asks “…so how did you manage to catch it??!!”….My cousin just couldn’t come up with a comeback for that one and we all just burst out laughing!! πŸ˜€

  2. Medha


    Watch this!! It is soo hilarious!


  3. Meluhhan

    Heh, do I sense disapproval in his tone? But do put it on a t-shirt! And I dare you to wear it in Souther Baptist land! Always remember, Jesus loves you, and would WANT you to laze around on a Monday drinking beer.

  4. hey, i’m in Q for that Tshirt too πŸ™‚
    But interesting thot na… we moms get tired just juggling a family and various components of our lives. Poor ole’ Jesus/God.. he has to look over ‘everyone’! Even he deserves a break I guess!

  5. Mom Gone Mad

    @Medha: Yeah, we need to get ’em t-shirts printed. And thanks for the awesome clip! I’ve always loved that show:-)

    @Nat: Ditto

    @Ersa: πŸ™‚

    @Meluhhan: Which part of the “I’m a wuz in real life” memo didn’t you get? This is why I write:-)

    @Richa: Yup,Jesus def. needs that break! I just need the alchohol:-)

  6. Era

    That video is hilarious! Sounds like you had a “well lubricated” holiday πŸ™‚

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