My Geeks And Other Animals

You know you live in geeky family when

  • The father tucks a young boy in for the night, cuddles him and says, “Tonight, I’m gonna tell you about the Big Bang theory.” And a pair of sleepy eyes shine.
  • When your son informs you that he needs to learn everything about chameleons. Today. And he says, ” First, we can google it, then you can read Wikifeedia (sic) about chameleons for me. And then we can see them on YouTube.”

*sigh* Thank god for the little one chewing rubber sandals and making unintelligible sounds.



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22 responses to “My Geeks And Other Animals

  1. nat

    GUFFAW! and you’re the ABBA girl in the middle of it all.

  2. Awwwww. Then again, is the little one really making sounds or saying ‘fractals’ and ‘cyclotron’ in Dutch?

  3. Naaahhiiiin!!!! He is too handsome to be turned into a geeky nerd. Save him from Google, Wikipedia and the dad who sings big bang theory lullabies.

  4. Medha

    MGM, you are in BIG trouble!

    Your sons are not only GORGEOUS, but they are geeky too? Quoting phoebe from Friends “Those nerds are going to get laiiiiiiiiid!”

    Okay maybe that is something The Mother wouldn’t want to hear, but couldn’t resist!

    hehe πŸ˜‰

  5. Such fun! By the by, you have an award waiting for you. Drop by and collect it, pliss!

  6. Meluhhan

    What can I say? The geek shall rule the earth. Nat, being an ABBA girl isn’t inconsistent with being geeky, ask me! Bjorn and Agnetha’s son studied physics and engineering.

    He sounds adorable AND super smart. I don’t know about chameleons, but geckos use some pretty neat quantum effects to attach to walls. And think of how funny it’s going to be when you tell his future girlfriend how he was once obsessed with chameleons. I wish I had kids. πŸ™‚

  7. Also, do I sniff a fellow Gerald Durrell fan?

  8. @Nat: I’m the ABBA geek. As Meluhhan says – not mutually exclusive – Geekiness and ABBA!

    @WJ: *groan* Cut me some slack this weekend:-) He is a verbal gerbil, so there’s no knowing..but it would be in Norsk;-)

    @June: Oh sweetie, that ship sailed a while ago and we lost the older one to the Dark Side:-)
    Hell, as a woman who has amazing geek radar and has consistently fallen for the geeky type – I no worry about the boy:-)Good looking is only cherry on top of geeky pie, no?

    @Medha: *Sticks fingers in ears and goes lalalalalala* No, seriously, I hope Phoebe’s prediction is true:-) Laid Nerds are prolly happy nerds, wot? Whether they’ll both be geeky remains to be seen! If the Dad can help it….

    @Meluhhan: Go forth and reproduce! And geckos? Quantum effects? Pliss to tell the Viking. I’m barely the looks in the family:-)And here’s hoping that Arvind will let me live long enough to out him!

    And yes, you most certainly sniffed correctly;-)

  9. @Dipali: Entirely too sweet *big hug!* Accepted with thanks and big, fat twinkle in my eye! This can’t possibly get old:-)

  10. allrighthere

    Google, Wikipedia, and YouTube – OMG!!! That is hilarious!! My kids know YouTube, but that’s not for educational purposes… they like to watch silly videos and music videos… so I guess we’re less geeky then? πŸ˜‰ lol

  11. @Allrighthere: Well, normally we’re scouring YouTube for Chipmunk songs and Freddie Mercury videos too! But thats my pedestrian influence of course:-)

    The Dad has been corrupting my life’s work!

  12. allrighthere

    Must share a funny youtube story!

    The girls’ first introduction to youtube was when we were having a hard time getting Julia to wash her hands after going to the bathroom… James sat her down and found videos about germs. She watched and asked tons of questions and we thought this was a great thing. What a tool!

    Then 30min later I find Julia crying her eyes out in the bathroom scrubbing and scrubbing and scrubbing her hands. I asked her why she was crying and she held her hands up and said: “I can’t get my hands clean! We can’t see the germs! I don’t know if they’re clean mommy!!!”

    So we disturbed our child severely… (lol!) – but hey – she now washes her hands πŸ˜‰

    • Mom Gone Mad

      @Allrightthere: LMAO!!! This was the equivalent of you singing, “You’ll never walk alone” Cecilie:-) Thanks!

  13. LOL!!!
    Cant stop laughing!! Arvind mouths ‘google’ n Wikipedia!!! OMG.

    I wonder what my lil one is gonna start talking abt. I was working full time all the time while he was in my tummy..hmm.. audio codecs and the likes. sigh.

  14. wot has the world come to? the geeks shall inherit the earth?

    actually your kiddos cant qualify. far too hot.

  15. ROFL. You poor outnumbered sod, you!

  16. Mom Gone Mad

    @Cynic: Aww Cyn.Must introduce you to some hot Geeks aka.The Great Unwashed:-)

    @DG: I know:-( *Runs to DG’s arms for a good hug*

  17. Chuchu

    LOL!Oh my,he’s soooo sorted,let him be,handsome geek,you won’t have to worry when homework projects turn up…

  18. what a cute geek he is gonna be πŸ™‚

  19. i am married to an IT chappie. does that qualify as a geek i wonder. only he hates typing and the computer πŸ˜€

    and stop ignoring all my hints about trying to patao your kids. hmpf

  20. Mom Gone Mad

    @Chuchu: Sorted? Now there’s a good word for that lad:-)

    @Dotmom: Fingers crossed!

    @Cynic: An IT chappie who hates the comp? LOL!!! Well done, Cyn:-)

    And hey! who’s stopping your patao-ing plans?;-)

  21. Era

    Sounds like he has the research angle all worked out. Now get him some building materials and you can recreate the movie “Weird Science”. It was a funny 80’s film starring Anthony Michael Hall – I think. It’s way past my bedtime and I’m really tired so I appologize for not googling it. Maybe your first born can help you find the movie… on google…

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