Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am

Why, hello! Lovely of you to pop in just in time for..


where I freely share the the very best of ’80’s pop. Muy generoso and all that.

My picker-upper this Tuesday Morning is none other than George Michael – lead singer in WHAM.

George, who was the intense object of my affections the entire autumn of ’84 and who, in all probability, was also the starrer in my first wet dream.

Before you retch, I urge you to remember that this was ’80’s George, rakish and sexy with zingin’ moves. Girls yearned and pined and fainted. They lined up at malls at ungodly hours and hyperventilated at a chance sighting.

This is not ’90’s George, who, not only made it clear that he err… liked batting for his own team, but also that he particularly liked playing with Ze Boys in public urinals and behind the bushes in random public parks. Not that I really have a problem with either of these things. Its a cruel world that clips your wings for some simple al fresco lovin’.

Oh George, the ’90’s chewed you up and spat you out. You and Hugh Grant. Yet, for this gem, you will always have my lauw.

And – Andrew Ridgeley who?

Now go. Shake some booty and be happy. We need it on a Tuesday!


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20 responses to “Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am

  1. 🙂

    Love this song, thanks for reminding us….dancing to it with my kids!

  2. maidinmalaysia

    you must be in my generation then? strange. i took you to be much younger.

  3. nat

    Andrew actually rocked my boat. you shud see him now. ugh.

  4. Ditto Nat, Andrew was seriously cute. But will heed that warning and NOT google him now.

    Will also remember WHAM for the countless ways their songs were murdered in school and college music competitions for the next decade.

  5. Meluhhan

    Hm. Not bad. But I believe I can out-do you here. 😉

    Watch this space!

  6. Mom Gone Mad

    @Starry Eyed: Well,if someone is rocking, my work is done:-) You’re welcome!

    @MiM: What about me doesn’t scream ancient to you? Allow me to send a pic of my crows feet if you need further convincing:-)

    @Nat: Ugh indeed! He hooked up with the babe in Bananarama. They both look like they’ve marinated in expensive tanning oils:-)

    @WJ: Seriously, et tu? Ridgeley? And LOL! about the murdering of songs.. WHAM was one of many casualties, si?

    @Meluhhan: Am agog. Don’t make me wait too long!:-)

  7. Medha

    MGM, Do you speak hindi? If yes I want to tell you what song is on the ‘repeat’ mode on my laptop for MY “trashy tuesday”. 🙂

  8. Meluhhan

    And the battle of the ’80s VJs begins!

    And my challenge has been issued. It’s win-win as long as there’s plenty of great ’80s music around. 🙂

  9. ..and jitterbug to you too. I have this vague memory of my giggly classmates poring over Father figure lyrics. Something about al fresco in those? Damn i will have to google now.

    Also, thank you for the earworm of the week. hmpf

  10. and in revenge i shall remind you of careless whispers. question. which one was played more? careless whispers, nothings gonna change my love for you or last christmas?

  11. aaaah! memories. wham was the first ‘english music’ tape that i bought. along with one by abba. and i still remember, the tape started screeching at careless whispers after some time coz i would keep rewinding and listening to that song again and again and again……

  12. iz

    But I love George of the 90s. He was all soulful and teary eyed and stubble. Sigh. Ok. I’ll go have a wet dream and come back.

  13. Yaaah! I like ze olde george too – the new slappy happy chappy is somewhat ick.

    My fave song is Freedom.

  14. Mom Gone Mad

    @Medha: Of course I know Hindi. Do tell!

    @Meluhhan: Bring it on, baybee;-) Zegcellent choice of song by the way. You picked one of the cleverest songs of the ’80’s.

    @Cynic: What I am here for if not to give you worms? And al fresco lovin’ in Father figure? Nope.. don’t think so? Am I wrong?
    And regarding Most Annoying and Rehashed song: Nothings Gonna.. wins hands down. Bearable when Benson sang it, created mild suicidal tendencies with Medeiras, but butchered at the college fest by an overeager student, one felt compelled to manually rip out eyeballs!:-)

    @Mumbai Diva: Welcome and stick around:-)Gosh, I miss tapes:-( I always wrecked them too!

    @iz: Hey, nice to see you here:-) He was already soulful and stubbly and teary in the ’80’s with Father Figure (Album: Faith) And please, let me not come between you and that wet dream;-)

    @DG: Girl, I love Freedom. One of his classics, not to forget that it was a kickass video.

  15. Didn’t Georgie boy look hawt in that vid? All unshaved and all? Then he had to go and bat for the other team. bah!

  16. Era

    I was so smitten by George Michael and Hugh Grant! Of course, I’m long over both of them. As for batting for other team, his music was all that mattered to me. I still like his music actually, even his slow songs. OK, I confess, I have a best of George Michael CD and no, I’m not giving it up!

  17. Mom Gone Mad

    @DG: Your disappointment was mine in the 90’s. Bad, bad Georgie!

    @Era: Chill:-)I have that CD too.. no denying our past and I want to be loyal:-) As for Hugh, I still like him to be honest. There’s such a bad boy under all that stuttering britishness!

    he’s like an old, affable flame who inevitably screws up:-)

  18. Thats all you wanted, something special,
    Someone sacred in your life
    Just for one moment, to be warm and naked
    At my side

    MORE than enuf for giggly girls to well, giggle.

  19. I heard that he that he wanted do a Coronation Street cameo! :O. Not sure how true this is, has anyone else heard it? There’s a bit of me that kind of wishes this is true lol.

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