Bring It On

…. dear Meluhhan.

The ’80’s challenge is on! Meluhhan came up with the incomparable One Night in Bangkok – undisputably one of the cleverest songs of the ’80’s. Now,  I’m not very clever, but rather dictated by the excessive levels of cheese and hot guys.  What? It was a hormonal time;-)

So here are my two picks since I just cannot decide.

This classic by the inimitable Billy Ocean was on the soundtrack of the The Jewel of the Nile – one of the coolest action/romantic comedies of the decade. The movie was also particularly memorable for the sizzling chemistry between Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas. Liberal quantities of hairspray, high cheese factor, and waaay back then – you didn’t get a lot hotter than Michael Douglas. Check. Check. Check.

For the final entry, I have only three words.

Simon. Le. Bon.

Ok, I have a few more words, but they would all require a higher PG rating for this blog.

Simon, you were sex on toast, back when I loved toast and knew nothing of sex. (Honest, mum!)

Duran Duran have wrecked life for the bunch of wannabe DD, sissy boybands that came post ’80’s.

Yes, Backstreet Boys, I’m talking to you. Shoo!



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13 responses to “Bring It On

  1. Medha

    Oh my god. You guys and your obsession with the 80’s! How am I ever supposed to comment something relevant if you keep writing posts after posts on songs from the 80s?!! 😛

    Fine then. Thou shalt be subjected to some really loud and crude hindi music in return (as I *really* can’t reciprocate with a favorite 80’s number..since I am clueless about that era..sowwie!) starting NOW! Here is my pick of the day:

    Such loud music is necessary when one does not sleep all night and struggles to stay awake at 7 in the morning! Yenjoy! 😀

  2. @Medha: *falling faint* You win! And not to worry, have enough “serious” posts lined up. But some days, you just can’t. You need Le Bon hotness instead.

  3. Deepa

    Hehe yes yes ofcourse! 🙂

  4. Meluhhan

    Well played, MGM. Well played.

    I concede so let’s shake on it and take a picture.

    Now say ost! 😉

  5. Aaah!! Duran Duran!! The 80s were about the synthesizer and drum kit, really. Love ‘Reflex’, though my favourite DD song was ‘Rio’.

    And closer to your neck of the woods were a bunch of guys who bowled me over with amazing music and absolutely incomprehensible lyrics, then promptly did a Ridgeley. Remember A-ha?

  6. wordjunkie, I have you beat. But great minds and all that, what? 🙂

  7. Mom Gone Mad

    @Meluhhan and WJ: Damn guys!!! Don’t kill the Trashy Tuesday project. Was saving the best for last and all!

    I LOVE A-ha. Was fan club chairman and everything. A-ha and Bobbysocks lauw made me stalk Norwegians:-) and Take on Me? Was there a cooler video made in the ’80’s? And finally, the A-ha concert in 2002! I died.

    And no, no Ridgeley. They released an album last week. A rocking good one. They have been active since the late 90’s. Infact do check out the album Analogue.

    Morten Harket is still a dish, but only the most pretentious man in all of Norway. Waste!

    And Meluhhan: This grasp of norsk – where from, min venn?;-)

  8. Era

    Apparently you are on a mission to dig up all of my teenage heartthrobs. Simon LeBon- Ohhhhhh. The Reflex. Those were the days.

  9. Anj

    Ok now you’ve got my attention. My heart did a little skip when you mentioned George Michael of the 80s but you’ve just put the biggest smile on my face with A-Ha and the Take on me video. God I loved that video..would’ve given anything back then to jump into a comic book with Morten…and stay there 🙂 I wouldn’t have admitted this to a soul if you hadn’t made “cheesy” cool with your blog 😉

  10. Mom Gone Mad

    @Era: Weren’t they just? The guy is just raw energy and hotness. The kind that goes well with whipped cream;-)

    @Anj: Confession time:-) I like! Yes, I know that most girls our age wanted to live happily ever in the comic strip with Morten:-)

    And cheesy wasn’t always cool?

  11. leather and spandex gods them.
    made my friday. now i can die happy.

  12. Mom Gone Mad

    @Dotmom: Die? Who’ll do the comprehensive movie list for geeks?

    No way, José!:-)

    And don’t mention the leather. I get chills.

  13. Pri

    OMG – it has been so long since I’ve listened to this song. Somehow I get the feeling that we listen to similar kind of music.. I wish you lived nearby, I would rip all your CDs 😀

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