The Heart Has Its Reasons

Today they will fix my heart.

Strangers, a number of them, will peer into my chest cavity and observe the pulsating muscle that falters every now and then, unable to cope with its impositions. Another human being will hold my pounding, pink life in their palm.

Unware of its history. Unaware of how it is to be trapped in my body, heaving.

Just another muscle to be opened, prodded, cleaned and fixed. Is there anything in their medical training that will have taught them to identify the watermarks of life, love, loss and pain embedded on my inner walls?

There is no surgical procedure to make this heart forget.

They can only sew me up, send me back and declare me well.

p.s. An attempt at fiction. No element of reality here.


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25 responses to “The Heart Has Its Reasons

  1. Meluhhan

    I’m not sure what to make of that other than to get a little (ok, quite) concerned. Are you serious? Be well soon, woman. Hugs!

  2. Medha

    Same sentiments as Meluhhan.
    Whats going on? (Am quite concerned too! :S)

    Let us know k!
    And take care hon!
    -big hug-

  3. Are you having heart surgery?
    If yes, then sending thinking healthy vibes for you.


  4. ohhhh what is going on? i’ve been away for a while and come back to see this…is everything ok, MGM?…take care…and many many many hugs !

  5. hey MGM,
    Is something wrong ???? Take care !!! and get well soon !!

  6. What is all this? And however distraught the matter of the post is making me feel, the surgeons will ‘sew’ up the concerned heart, not do a female pig on it. Wottodo, I have the soul of a sub-editor.
    The heart is far more than just a muscle, and I think that although all cardiac surgeons know that, they have to act is if that is all it is, otherwise surgery would be impossible to perform.
    The human spirit is, of course, far more resilient than any part of the body in which it resides.
    All the best to the patient.

  7. maidinmalaysia


  8. Heart! Who goes there?

    Ok, pj’s aside, let me rephrase MiM’s question…WTF IS HAPPENING??? You okay?

  9. Era

    Gurl frend, Whaaaaaz uuuuupppp? What are you talking about? What have you not been telling us? Be well sister. *Tight clingy hugs*. Worried sick.

  10. What are you not saying? Is this for real?…Need answers please.

  11. Mom Gone Mad

    @All you concerned lovelies: Clearly I needed to add a note in this post.

    Only fiction,dears. Morbid fiction.Just something I started writing and never moved on with.
    Sorry if you all got worried!! But no, no open heart surgery or anything:-)

  12. WTF. Lady, you got us all REAL worried!
    Please please please remember to use ‘fiction’ as a tag in the future.

    that aside – u write BEAUTIFULLY!

  13. What I have seen happen is a physical improvement and a great deal of mental readjustment. More counselling is required than is usually given.
    MGM, such a relief that it’s fiction!
    I am ‘sow’ very relieved. (Sorry, couldn’t resist that.)

  14. @Richa: So sorry. and thanks – will remember the tag. *Slinks away shamefacedly*

    @Dipali: As you can see I corrected it. Was a editor in my pre-Norwegian life.. was shocked by my omission too:-)But hey! A good sub-ed joke came out of it! And sorry if I worried you all. Will be more careful next time, mixing genres:-)

  15. Medha

    WHAT! That really freaked me out you know.

    THANK GOD it’s fiction! 🙂
    Though i must say, that was really well written. Cos although I did get worried for you while reading it, but I also thought that it was very beautifully expressed!


  16. Wow! fabulous post!!
    And now you have inspired a comic.

    Arrey dipali, sow what if there are typos (sorry, could not resist)

  17. So it’s all sewed up as a figment of your imagination, huh? You scared me silly! First you moaned about your back, then this dis-heartening post. Work on those tags, woman!

    Deadly writing, tho’, way to go!

  18. nat

    did you have to? uff.

  19. @ Nat: uff! Truly:)
    @ WJ: Sow now I’m eagerly awaiting the comic:)

  20. Mom Gone Mad

    @Medha and Starry-eyed: This is my cue never to do a post late at night!Will def. work on those tags, promise:-) was drowned in guilt when I opened my mail in the morning.. there were a few that sent lovely, touching personal mails as well – you know who your are – so sorry I worried you guys.

    @WJ: I have? Yeah! Lets see it soon, purttyplease?

    @Nat:You know me.. can’t resist the dark side:-)

    @Dipali: Sub-editor ji! I promise to post something happy – will you then let the SOW go?:-) Speaking of which, have you TamBram invitiations where they write CHI(groom) and SOW(bride)
    harhar. Who wants to feel like a SOW on her wedding day? WJ, more info about this?

  21. Yes- those invitations are really funny. Poor girls,being called Sow So-and-So:(

  22. the p.s. should have been at the top!!! dang. dang. made my heart stop for a minute. good fiction though.

    lol@ dipali. sow so-and-so. yes.. haven’t we seen them all!!!!!!

  23. Oh dear, marriage invites. Made a sow out of me too, that did.

  24. This made me wanna write an ode to my big intestine 🙂

  25. Mom Gone Mad

    @Dotmom: Thanks. Sorry if you were a bit spooked to begin with.

    @WJ: I’m sorry you were sow-ed:-)

    @June: C’mon then. Hurry up!

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