Sunday Insight

You know you have a great mother when:

  • She notices dark circles under your eyes on a grainy webcam and wonders why.
  • You can almost see her smiling wistfully into the phone when you ask her if there is any chance whatsoever that she could be at your home in about half an hour or so to calm down the kids, bathe them, put them to bed and then pamper you a little.
  • She will answer whenever you call, whatever the time, because there is no knowing when she’s needed. (While you can still be the biyaatch who screens)
  • She will put up with shaky online performances from her grandchildren at unearthly hours

You know you have a great Mother-in-Law when:

  • She walks into your trashed home  for Sunday dinner and says in a bright voice, “How lovely to come to a home that looks lived in.”
  • She speaks disdainfully of all the wannabe-perfect mothers and ensures you that you’re onto something good by letting it slide and enjoying life.
  • She can spend an entire evening and not only not feel the need to suggest any home/personal improvement, but also openly side with you on crucial interior design matters.
  • She unwittingly shows you the right and diplomatic way to show your Other Half (better? I think not!) that he is being a bleedin’ ijjit.


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19 responses to “Sunday Insight

  1. Love it when MIL(s) take (y)our side.

    Tell me how did I miss reading you all this while?
    I was reading a bit of archives and if I was into girls, I would have a huge huge crush on you.

  2. I will just go Awww….

  3. Nazar na lage! God bless these wunnerful weemen:) and lucky you for having them!

  4. Medha

    So very very sweet! 🙂

  5. at the risk of being repetitive, will only go awwwwwwwwww!!!!!

  6. And you know the internets is filled with annoying bloggers when they tag you. Like so. Since you have a job, 2 kids and a house to run, I assume you have plenty free time to post on 7 norwegian foods you hate and love.

  7. wat can i say. u r one lucky dame.
    pl put up that nimbu mirchi thing or a kala tikka!

  8. Clearly the awwwwws have it:).. I’m one of them.

    What is the Viking’s take on all this female bonding?

    And please lead sraikh to your Mother’s Day pic so she can see what a fox you are.

  9. MGM

    @Nat: Me too. Me too.

    @Sraikh: Yup, the MIL siding with the DIL be a smart lady! S, am humbled by your devotion:-) And are you sure you’re NOT into girls?;-)

    @Solilo: Thanks:-) Just left a comment on your single kiddie post. Great stuff!

    @Starry eyed: Wunnderful Weemen indeed! and thanks – I feel lucky having them. Though I feel obliged to point out that I’m not nearly as nice to my Amma in person:-)

    @Medha: Thanks, gurrl:-)

    @Mumbai Diva: Ack! Originality is SO overrated anyway;-

    @June: For you, babe, sure!:-) No tag overloads gonna get me down! Speaking of which I owe you an “awesome” tag too.. what to do? Such flagging self-esteem and all.

    @Richa: All done:-) Thanks for your help!

    @WJ: *tries to blush becomingly and fails miserably* GAH! Fox indeed. As for the Viking, I guess he finds refuge in the Brotherhood of Beer Belchers – with three brothers, ain’t so tough!

  10. maidinmalaysia

    my mum chatters on for several precious IDD minutes with baby param.

    i’m left with ‘i can hardly hear you’ or ‘talk to you later’.

    your amma needs to have a talk with ma

  11. Chuchu

    Oho…You are one lucky lady!
    My kids grew up thinking they were the prince and princess of India with all the love and affection showered on them by the appacha and ammachy!
    And I know…only Amma’s will put up with up-front nastiness from their daughters;))

  12. You are truly blessed!

  13. MGM

    @MiM: Oh MiM, dear MiM, This is the long distance relationship going splendidly, dear. The minute I land in India with the kids, I will cease to exist, my voice will be mute to her:-)

    Same story everywhere:-)

    @Chuchu: Yup, g’parents are something else. And really, whats a mother-daughter relationship without the usual dose of snapping and sulks?

    @Dipali: Thanks, D:-) I’m working hard at remembering that!

  14. Era

    Here’s to all the wonderful ladies in our lives. Cheers!

  15. MGM

    @Era: Cheers:-)

  16. How lovely…you are indeed a lucky woman knock on wood, beautiful family, beautiful parents, living in a beautiful country and adorable kids!

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