Well, Whaddaya Know?

It’s Trashy Tuesday again!

But since we’ve had an overdose of  80’s music lately, this is it for a while. I promise. Unless I’m a particularly mean mood and then I might just unleash Rick Astley upon you.

Or Milli Vanilli. Did I see some erstwhile fans cringe now? Sorry, there’s no way to have been a fan of MV and feel smart now. That ship has sailed.

So I give you Whitney. Though, in principle, I’m all against giving free PR to abusive crackheads, I will make an ever- so-small exception for Whitney and this particular song. I’m not sure its even scientifically possible to hear this song and not want to jiggle a bit.

Now do as I do. Go lock that door, crank it up and dance like the madperson you are!

Be the Tuesday sizzle you want to see in the world.



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8 responses to “Well, Whaddaya Know?

  1. Era

    Whitney is clean now, she’s makin a comeback. Right? I mean she got rid of the dead weight- you know, what’s his name? Anyway, Milli Vanilli seems pretty sad now, but back in the day- “Girl You Know it’s True” was the jam 🙂

  2. i used to love whitney…haven’t heard any of her songs in a long while now

  3. 🙂 ah, the wonder that 80’s music was, inspite of all that hair and shiny trousers! i was looking at the boss dancing around (or not) in a video of ‘dancing in the dark’ and it was too funny! music still sounds amazing though. as for mv – got to admire their chutzpah – they even pulled off a grammy!

  4. Ahh Whitney – what a girl, with what talent no? You have to wonder how the genius that is a singer decides to go marry Bobby Brown…

  5. Mom Gone Mad

    @Era: yeah, I’ve heard something about a comeback, but I can’t really say I’ve been all ears though:-)

    And dead weight would be Bobby Brown:-)

    @Mumbai Diva: Yup, she had her glory days! We can always stick to classic Whitney:-)

    @magicalsummer: The 80’s rocks!! – in case it isn’t painfully obvious that that is my opinion:-) and as for MV – not much chutzpah left when they were caught in their lip-sync:-)

    @GOTB: I think its called the pull of the bad boy. Please to check out Rihanna and Chris Brown. Its always the mot ridiculously talented and successful ones that seem to go belly up!

  6. Pri

    MGM – chanced upon your blog and love the way you write.. touching, real and down right incredibly funny…

    this song brought back lovely memories of childhood and youth (yes yes, am now officially previous generation!) 🙂

    Keep writing.. take care..

  7. what before you give us some Modern Talking!! Hope the 80’s make a comeback soon 😀

  8. MGM

    @Pri: Thanks! Comments like yours make my day:-)

    Officially previous generation? O.U.C.H. Lets not go there;-)

    @Dotmom: Watch this space next Tuesday, Dottie!

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