A Graduate is Born

Dear Nice People at Kindergarten,

There has been a mistake. This is not my little boy.

‘Twas but yesterday that I swaddled him up a blanket and brought him home only to stare at him in wonder.

There was a little boy here just now who would fly with the velocity of a speedy bullet into my arms and who fit perfectly in my arms like a snuggly koala.

He was just here. A scrawny little thing who was a late speaker and an early thinker. Sweet, gentle and with such knowing, old eyes – when he wasn’t furious and frustrated that the world was so much bigger than him and so much stranger.

He was just here. I need to find him again because I’m not sure I’ve hugged him enough, listened to him enough or told him enough about things that matter. I’m not sure he knows that he changed my life for the better.

You might just have the wrong boy.

This boy sings clearly and with absolute enjoyment. He is seemingly without nerves when speaking in public before an audience of 50. This confidence is new, the bowing with relish, the handshaking. This piece of paper you gave him today made him grow a few inches this week – though I have barely had time to notice between browsing through baby pictures and bursting into tears.

We’re glad you like this boy. Thank you for having him. Now, could I have my baby back please?

Yours Sincerely,

Mamma Miseryguts

Am I graduashuned?

Am I graduashuned?

Best Friends and KGgrads. Now where's that cake?

Best Friends and KGgrads. Now where's that cake?

We'll miss the lovely Miss

We'll miss the lovely Miss

You don1t get KG smart without McFlurry in your belly. Whats that? It's all toxic waste?

You don't get KG smart without McFlurry in your belly. Whats that? It's all toxic waste?

Now you know how Mick Jagger started out

Now you know how Mick Jagger started out


fast forward from this moment



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26 responses to “A Graduate is Born

  1. Awww.. He is getting big and you cannot stop. Before you know it, he will be brining his first date home.

    My 3rd Satanic Spawn(I have a really cool cousin who labelled my kids that)graduated from pre-school as well.I think when my youngest finishes preschool, then it would be really hard for me.

  2. RM

    Hey – Came over from MM. And I have been reading regularly but had to come out of the woodworks today. Congratulations to the little one *and you* on his graduation. He looks adorable! And since I am nowhere as creative as you with words, I am just going to say that you write really well! Keep going πŸ™‚ Oh – and you had me at “Reflex” I did not think ANYONE else remembered that song πŸ˜›

  3. Era

    Congratulations handsome Arvind! Tell your mama miseryguts to keep hugging,listening, and telling you the important stuff because you are still there. Although the butterfly looks different than caterpillar, the heart is still the same.

    Congratulations MGM,my heart is bursting with pride for you both!

  4. Era

    PS: how were you able to blur parts of the picture? Can you teach me to do that?

  5. Ditto @ Era’s query! Congratulations to the handsome young man! I am not sure if a mother will like this, but your son looks better with age. All babies look scary to me, all pink and purple like an angry rash.

  6. Congrats, Arvind and family.
    Tres handsome son you have. At least you have a little one following him…..
    Chin up!

  7. awwwww! What a cutie! Congrats Arvind!

  8. Mom Gone Mad

    @Sraikh: Date? DATE??? *Sticks fingers in her ears and goes lalalala*:-)
    Good thing that we both have one more to go, eh?

    @RM: Welcome – and thanks:-)Its always good to hear appreciation! And stick with me, girl.. they’ll be many more almost-forgotten 80’s gems!
    Forget Le Bon? How? lobotomy?

    @Era: Thanks for you wishes, Era! Caterpillar? butterfly? damn – you’ll make me weep all over again.. can’t handle the metaphors now:-(

    The blurring can be done on Picasa 3. You have to go into Special Effects to find it and then you just play a bit with it till you get the right effect:-)

    @June: You got the blurring bit, right? As for the baby snap – god- no offence. They are like runts at birth, angry red and then angry pink!LOL Not to mention all the squishy facial features. I know a couple who began to call their little girl Mao (after Mao Tse Tung) cos she was the spitting image of the Chairman when she was born:-) Poor Mao LOL!

    @Dipali: Thanks. We’re very proud! and yes, the little rascal on his heels is a huge consolation.I can see that I am going to have to keep my own life very interesting so that I don’t get totally depressed at my kids spreading their wings!

    @Deej: Thanks!So is P excited about starting junior school?

  9. Congratulations, Arvind! Love the blue kurta, dude!

  10. Medha

    I have a cute niece I would like to fix your son with! Though she’s only one and a half years old NOW, but I believe they’ll make quite a pair when they’re all grown up! πŸ˜›

  11. allrighthere

    Looks like we’re equally mushy these days, lol.

    Look at him! He is beautiful, confident, and intelligent! You’re doing a smashing job – I mean seriously – when the kid is that awesome you’ve gotta be doin’ somethin’ right! πŸ˜€

  12. MGM

    @WJ: Thanks:-) Will be sure to pass it on to Arvind!

    @Medha: Let the hook-ups begin! Nothing I love more than some harmlessm behind-the-back manipulation of my boy!

    @Allrighthere: Aww, thanks C! And yes, we’re clearly down the mush path. KG grad time for you too, is it not?

  13. allrighthere

    That’s right – and I’m done now… both kids are in school as of August… SO WEIRD!!

  14. maidinmalaysia

    the mil looked on at the photos appreciatively and assumed it was the firstborn’s pix. she says there’s a striking resemblance esp. the ears(!)

    sokay mamma. there. there.

  15. He sure is! Am so not!

  16. Congrats Congrats Congrats to the big boy! He is adorable…:-)…

  17. Chuchu

    Awww,congrats to Arvind…he’s too gorgeous-the smile,the eyes…and he looks sooo cute as a newborn…great big hug to him,future babe-magnet…as my daughter’s labelled him..;)

  18. Anj

    Congrats Arvind and MGM. Look at him in that mortar board hat..CUTE! Back off ladies (by whom I mean Medha ;)), he’s got “my future son-in-law” written all over him. When would you like us to fly out MGM so the kids can get to know each other..it’s never too early πŸ™‚

  19. Dottie

    Congrats to the new grad and mom-of-the-newly-grad-ed πŸ™‚

  20. Awwwwwwww.
    Arvind is just soooo handsome. Ok, I’m getting in queue too πŸ™‚
    He looks so adorable in that blue kurta. the color does suit him methinks. Pretty neat ya.

    I often wonder how different life is for you living in Norway etc. And how the kids take to their indian heritage. Its nice to see Arvind so cool in that kurta.

  21. @Allrighthere: Weird – I can imagine!

    @MiM: LOL!!! Unreal. And please please, show me FB and Param. YOu deprive us cruelly.

    Deej: :-(Hang in there!

    @Ersa: Thanks!

    @Chuchu: Thanks:-) And how old is your daughter?;-) Just checkin’.

    @Anj: Anj-Medha catfight! Splendid! And I agree. So, how soon can you get here?:-)

    @Dottie: Danke Danke!

    @Richa: Girl, been planning a post about children and identity for a while… just a bit stuck. some things are harder to write than others.

  22. L

    Congratulations MGM and to little Arvind. You have ought to have done all things right. I love the concept of kindergarten graduations.. we don’t have such in India – sigh … Just stumbled upon ur blog and its been a saving grace at work .. awesome work – keep it going… πŸ™‚

  23. Orange Jammies

    Awww! Congratulations, hon! I get all teary when my preschoolers move on to high school, can’t imagine what I’d do, had I popped them out. Flood the place, I suppose.

  24. @L: Its a pity they don’t have graduations where you love. I love the ceremoniousness of it all. glad I can entertain @ work:-)

    @OJ: Hey, you’re back! Anyhoo, with selfs spawn, flood the place is the only ONLY reasonable thing to do.

    CEO, Waterworks Inc.

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