Awesome? Who? Me?

Way back in May, June the Stupendous tagged me as awesome and asked me jot down 7 reasons I was awesome.

Now June is a self-made, funny gal and a confident professional and I’m – well – I spend my evenings at home thumbing my Rosary of Masochistic Imaginings and Behaviours.

So I’m all – “But June, I suck. I don’t just think I suck. I know I do. I can’t do this tag.”

At which June left the L.O.S.E.R. sign on my doorstep and foxtrotted away in the way only very cool people do.

But its been a good week. And miraculously, I’ve come up with 7 things. I was sure that I would have to start faking after 3, but I surprise myself. Maybe singing The Greatest Love of All does help. Who knew? (Just kidding. What do you take me for? Now stop singing it!)

1. I am awesome because I am a natural clown. I make my family laugh. At me and with me. Nothing is ever so awful that I can’t poke fun at myself. However bad a mood Arvind decides to be in, I can make him laugh by making up ridiculous songs on the spot and having farting contests with my invisible friend. If all fails, I will become Bruce Lee and he splinters into pieces laughing at me. I can create a stand-up act out of my worst moments and I’m proud of that.

2. I am awesome because I can never be cynical about love. Nor do I ever plan to be jaded or tired or too old for it. I am not a person who will settle for as good as it gets, when I know it can be better. Hell, I deserve a great love story, all the corniness that goes with it and all the work that goes into it. Ifย  I’m any shade ofย  awesome it’s because of the people who love me, who fight for me when I don’t fight for myself and who never let me forget that they’re there for me.

3. I am awesome because I have lived my life in four countries and made a home in my heart for each of them. I’ve taken huge risks with each move. Each time I’ve jumped impulsively into the unknown, fought change, embraced change and gone on to thrive. I’ve studied hard, worked hard, partied hard and found work in all the three countries I’ve lived in as an adult. I’m proud of my adaptability, how Iย  freely allow people and places access to me and I struggle to understand the mourning over a fixed identity. I don’t have roots because I love my wings.

4. I am awesome because I am strong. I’m fortunate that life, with all its knocks (so far), has led me towards strength. I’m not hard, not brittle, but learning to be strong, supple and bendy of soul. I can handle the obstacle race and I can grapple with resistance. I mentally prepare for the curve balls life will throw my way and I’m always ready to test my mileage on this highway. I can be a stubborn and determined cow. Give me a 5% percent chance and I’ll fight it.

5. I am awesome because I speak four languages without a trace of accent. And by the time I am sixty, I will speak at least 8. I have an unusual ear for languages and dialects and pick them up almost by osmosis. I often get asked why I have an “English accent” and I have learnt to reply that its a gift. (even though I partly grew up there) I love languages and I never get tired of testing out phonetics. I have a wandering English accent and I will effortlessly clue into the dialect of the country/region I’m in. I can handle the varying dialects of all five languages. It gives me a huge kick that I can perform Ibsen in English and Norsk. (Not that anyone has asked me to. Oh please! Why won’t you ask me?!!Grrr.)

6. I am an awesome friend. I will sit with you till four in the morning and co-psychoanalyse your ex. I will drive you the doctor if you call me in the middle of the night. I will look after your kids at short notice. I will cook for you when you’re sick. And drive over with it and make sure you eat and load your dishwasher before I leave. I will factor in time difference, call you and be there for you if you needed me. I will always tell it like it is. And when the time is right, I will tell you to get a grip, get a move on, get over it/him/her. I will deal you uncomfortable truths and I will expect the same of you. Often, in critique lies great loyalty. I don’t need to be surrounded by yes-men. I want friends who will keep me from driving into a ditch because thats what I’d do for you. I’m good with tough love.

7. I have a photographic memory for stuff. I’m pretty sure I know the entire lyrics to at least a thousand songs. And half of them are songs I don’t even like. If I hear it a couple of times on the radio, its stuck like glue. The same goes for capital cities, flags, bhajans, poems and pages from textbooks. If I hear a date of birth once, its there for life. I could tell you the last paragraph on page 122 if you let me skim it a couple of times. I’m practically a circus freak. And otherwise dumb since my hard drive is filled with utterly useless, unemployable information:-)

8. And this is the extra I couldn’t resist – the one I’ll brag about to my grandchildren. I’m awesome because I’ve had a total stranger in an Australian pub do a striptease for me!!!:-) It was a night of “high spirits” in Harvey Bay with the Viking and a handful of fellow backpackers, and before I knew it, said stranger had gone from general compliments to cranking up You Can Leave Your Hat On and climbing on my table to dance striptease down to the err.. bare essentials. He was hardly a Chippendale, but it was gutsy and fun and mortifying.

Eleven years later it still cracks us up.

I hereby tag the following awesome 8 people:

1. Era

2. Wordjunkie

3. Nat

4. Cecilie

5. Asaan

6. Maid in Malaysia

7. Mad Momma

8. Richa

Get cracking, you guys!



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29 responses to “Awesome? Who? Me?

  1. Medha

    Oh MGM, you are just simply awesome!! We didn’t need seven reasons for it. We accept it blindly! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And now I firmly believe that strange things DO happen in Aussie pubs/clubs. I had gone out clubbing once, to celebrate a friend’s birthday. And we went from club to club, drinking and dancing. By the time we reached the last club I was DRUNK and could barely stand, let alone dance. So I found a spot to sit and watch my friends dance..just when this aussie chick comes up to me and starts dancing around me, with her hands running up and down my thighs. I think if I had sat there any longer, she would’ve ended up giving me a lap dance but thankfully my friends saw this happen and intervened. But it was the strangest thing that has happened so far in Aussieland! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I must be giving out some lesbian vibes!
    Or maybe I’m just too sexy that even the ladies can’t resist. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Era

    “I don’t have roots because I love my wings.”

    You just made my day! Hubby just asked me if we would be disadvantaged by moving – since we put so much into where we live now. I told him that life is not about where we live but about the experiences we have. You just said it a thousand times better than I ever could have.

    9. MGM is so awesome because she helps friends with big decisions without even realizing it.

    ***big hug***

    • Mom Gone Mad

      Wow. Now I’m moved. Thank you so much for writing in and telling me this, Era! Its wonderful to be able to help you in anyway. I know how much you’re agonizing over this move. Everything will be just fine – just wait and see!

      As for the tag, well, I’ve been waiting for an opportunity and gah!- can’t get a lot more self-indulgent than this:-)

  3. Era

    As self indulgent as my blog already is, does anyone need to hear me toot my own horn about being awesome? But thanks for the tag. It’s the first time anyone has tagged me for anything online. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope my head doesn’t get too big.

  4. i;m in awe of your awesomeness ๐Ÿ™‚ esp loved that line “i don’t have roots because I love my wings”

  5. We want video proof of your clowning and bruce lee act!!!
    You are awesome! Which are the 4 languages and countries?

  6. You are truly awesome, even without the awesome list. Why else would so many of us get hooked onto your blog after a single, stray glance at it?

  7. Amma

    Changes can be traumatic sometimes but if you are willing to embrace the unknown and make the best of things, you can be happy wherever you are. I am someone who went to 8 schools before I finished my 10th. Even though you can’t grow roots, you are richer by experience. I am glad my children took the changes in a positive way , I know it was tough for them

  8. Anj

    Awesome you are are intelligent, funny and beautiful. There’s one happy Viking out there who has found his treasure. ๐Ÿ™‚ Wish I’d had the chance to know you better back in our grad days.

    On no 8 does it count if I’ve had a handful of guys in Kerala lift up their lungies as I’ve walked past? ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Chuchu

    Awesomeness personified!
    You sound like so much fun and your amma sounds pretty great too!

  10. @Kodi’s Mom: Am very un-awe-inspiring in real life, KM:-)And thanks – its good see you here:-)

    @June: Muahaha! Videos safely vaulted away never to be discovered unless Harrison Ford himself comes as Indiana. Four countries are England, India, Australia and Norway and languages are Malayalam, Hindi, English and Norsk. I speak Svensk too, but will never even attempt Danish even though I understand perfectly. How do they speak with those potatoes in their throat??:-)

    @Dipali: ๐Ÿ™‚ You are waay too kind:-)And likewise!

    @Amma: Write to Era pronto. She needs to know this. We’ll keep it between us that you’re just a tad abnormal. Probably has nothing to do with the moving though:-)And moving was v.v.tough past an age, but our family was and always has been the “real” home. Thank you for that.

    Anj: Oy oy! Seriously at risk of getting a v.v. big head here:-) And yes, I wish we’d gotten a chance to spend more time together too – but theres a time and place for everything I suppose:-)

    And are you kidding me? Raised lungis? Thats high honour indeed, gurrl – practically a gun salute, no?:-)

    @Chuchu: Thanks:-)Now just wait till I do the 8 Reasons I Am An Ass!! yes The Amma is okay, but shh.. we don’t go overtly ga-ga on her.

  11. Era

    @Amma: It felt like you were talking to me too. Thanks.

  12. Dottie

    @ I don’t have roots because I love my wings! – Brill!

    Your awesome ness is awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ As for #6, Come live close to us ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. allrighthere

    I must join the chorus: “I don’t have roots because I love my wings”… it hit me right in the heart when I read that. My roots are in my heart, not bound to a physical place on earth. I love it that way!

    BTW – you ARE awesome! Splendid in fact! You have every right to – and should – be proud of who you are. When the heads of ugly little insecurities rear their heads you should go back and read this post – because this is who the rest of the world sees!

    Raising my glass to Your Awesomeness!

    Oh, and I’ll do my best to honor this tag in not too long ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Pri

    I also think you’re pretty awesome with words – I’m now addicted ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wish you lived closeby – would’ve loved to know you better.

    – p

  15. maidinmalaysia

    MGM: this tag is just the tip of the iceberg. you should do the next psychoanalysed inner-you one on — “why you are bloody awesome”.

    and why didnt u tag me on the other 8 reasons one….
    tht wld be so easy

  16. going to join the โ€œI donโ€™t have roots because I love my wingsโ€ fan club! your blog is super enjoyable to read. no idea how i stumbled on it, but am glad i did so ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Hey, wordpress ate my comment. well, here goes again..

    we should put you on a stamp, and name a national holiday after you, girl!! … in four countries. Ofcourse, Anj beats you hollow on point 8 – that alone is worth a whole road atleast.

  18. add me to the โ€œI donโ€™t have roots because I love my wingsโ€ bandwagon. seriously.

    and what do u mean by “โ€œBut June, I suck. I donโ€™t just think I suck. I know I do. I canโ€™t do this tag.โ€ you lady, are awesomeness personified. of course, you come in after Arvind. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And now let me repeat your words as i so often do, “โ€œBut MGM, I suck. I donโ€™t just think I suck. I know I do. I canโ€™t do this tag.โ€”!!! Darn! May be you should tag me on the other 8 tag. I’m sure I can do that one.

  19. @Dottie: Aww thanks:-) As for #6, I wish:-( Like carole King sang, “Doesn’t anybody stay in one place anymore?”

    @Allrighthere: Now I blush!aargh. So much affirmation.. my neurotic self struggles to breathe!:-) But I know you know exactly what I am talking about with the roots/wings bit having moved around a fair bit yourself. We nomads have a different view of home:-)

    @Pri: ๐Ÿ™‚ likewise. Where do you live BTW?

    @MiM: Your Awesome Pithy-ness/highness! What rot. You will do the awesome tag and include wonderful details about payasams and rasams and infuse it all with general, vunderfful sense of humour. Capiche?

    @Magical summer: thanks! and likewise:-)

    @WJ:: ROTFLMAO. *tries to get up, falls down again, wipes tears* ROTFLMAO. See, funny girl, this is why YOU need to write the book:-) *big hugs* And i agree, Anj has me SO beat!

    @Richa: you’re back! yes yes, I stand patiently in line after Arvind. And as I said to MiM. What rot. Do the tag:-)

  20. DUDE!
    Loved yr “I dont have roots” blah-di-blah. ossum! as are you!

  21. Pri

    MGM – Live in San Jose, Calfornia. Born and raised in India – moved to the bay area post marriage and a drop in the ocean at my horrendously huge workplace. I try and blog, but am not very regular, however, if you’re interested, I can send you a private invite – it’s not in the public www yet …

  22. nat

    Dude – you need to get on to whatssatplace? esomething where all these people buy and sell crafty, arty things. Make a t-shirt wuth that wing quote. dude. im telling you.
    you’re awesome woman – period. your book collection with all the nancy fridays and everyone else in ur room 15 yrs ago was awesome. i remember being saucer-eyed. the way you got your hackles up everytime i sang out of tune is awesome.
    teres nothing awesome about me yaar, forget 7 awesome things. im gonna have to pass up this tag.

  23. Can you be my friend and call me in the middle of the night?

    I see my humble self is tagged..Can I count swearing in 4 languages as a awesomness sign

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  25. @DG: Ossum right backachya:-)

    @Pri: Yes, please send the invite. I’ll send you my mail id.

    @Nat: Okie, t-shirt in the post for you. And of all my books you remember Nancy Friday??LOL Unreal. And the cringing at tuneless singing only makes me a critical cow, right?;-) hardly awesome that. Pass up this tag? no way! Unless you want me to write it;-)damn nautanki.

    @sraikh: Whatsya number?;-) and swearing in four languages. D-UH! what do you think?

  26. nat

    well I was sort of amazed at the open relationship you must have shared with yur folks to have those books out there in teh first place! and by cringing at tuneless singing I meant caring enough at that point to still be a perfectionist. I regret not holding on tighter enough to that part of me.
    man, i kept thinking about it, nope, i cant do it.

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