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Of Kyssyng. And Boob. How Can You Not Read This?

KG grads are overrated – hats and all.

You want the truth? KG grads can’t spell.

Here is my son presenting evidence.

Mamma and Pappa, sitting in a tree, K-Y-S-S-Y-N-G.

*followed by disgusting slurpy kissing noises and bizarre groping gestures*

But they can crack their parents up.

(And no, we were doing nothing of the sort. What kind of lewd degenerates do you take us for?;-))


Do you know this guy?

You say Bob, I say Boob

You say Bob, I say Boob

Sure you do. Its Bob the Builder.

Only, Armaan begs to differ.

“BOOB!” he shouts in exuberant glee.

“Err. Sure.” we say, before we fall to the floor laughing and swimming in our pee.

And since we’re so desperately deprived of entertainment in our lives, we make him say it ten more times while we crank up the intensity and glee. And before we know it, we are the Boob Marching Band, tramping around the house, shouting paens of praise to our man  – yes – Boob.

Now sock me some hallelujah, people!

Oh, a fun evening was had. Highly infantile, but fun.

I’m guessing we’re half a wine glass away from Child Protection Services paying us a friendly visit.


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