Of Kyssyng. And Boob. How Can You Not Read This?

KG grads are overrated – hats and all.

You want the truth? KG grads can’t spell.

Here is my son presenting evidence.

Mamma and Pappa, sitting in a tree, K-Y-S-S-Y-N-G.

*followed by disgusting slurpy kissing noises and bizarre groping gestures*

But they can crack their parents up.

(And no, we were doing nothing of the sort. What kind of lewd degenerates do you take us for?;-))


Do you know this guy?

You say Bob, I say Boob

You say Bob, I say Boob

Sure you do. Its Bob the Builder.

Only, Armaan begs to differ.

“BOOB!” he shouts in exuberant glee.

“Err. Sure.” we say, before we fall to the floor laughing and swimming in our pee.

And since we’re so desperately deprived of entertainment in our lives, we make him say it ten more times while we crank up the intensity and glee. And before we know it, we are the Boob Marching Band, tramping around the house, shouting paens of praise to our man  – yes – Boob.

Now sock me some hallelujah, people!

Oh, a fun evening was had. Highly infantile, but fun.

I’m guessing we’re half a wine glass away from Child Protection Services paying us a friendly visit.



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17 responses to “Of Kyssyng. And Boob. How Can You Not Read This?

  1. Sweethearts, ‘booth’ of them:)

  2. the things kids say! just too adorable. clear to see you’ve got plenty of fun times to look forward to 🙂

  3. lewd groping gestures??? wine? Kyssyng? Nice to find other degenerate parents around:) Cheers to us!

    Our idea of entertainment is to ask Dhruv q’s which have a “yes” answer, and he says it with that oh-so-Indian shake of the head. We go explode in the kitchen…coz apparently you shouldn’t laugh at kids! Bleddy hard tho’!

    Hugs to the two lil’ darlings!

  4. kyssyng indeed.. He got the idea correct, right?
    Err..at least most of it- we’ll leave the groping part for later introspection.

    I’m going to crack up next time ‘boob’ comes on TV:-)

  5. Era

    Kyssying – are you sure that’s not a Norsk translation?

  6. Medha

    LOL!! That is sooo funny! “Boob”.

    Okay from now on he is “Boob the builder” for me too! 😉 Hehe.

  7. kyssyng indeed! and “boob the builder”!!!
    “Kids say the darnest things” 🙂

  8. Anj

    “Boob the builder??..Yes we can”…yes that would work……as the title of an x-rated movie that is. 😉 Boy’s got talent.

  9. @Dipali: LOL! i will so miss it when they no longer make mistakes..

    @Magical summer: here’s hoping!

    @Starry-eyed: we’re in good company!And yes, the Indian head shake always sets me off too! And what? we can’t laugh at kids now? who said that? Its our job to keep it real, no?

    @ILWML: yes, the groping had us too!But we all know introspection can only lead to madness. So we won’t go there. Enjoy your TV time;-)

    @Era: The smart lady. yes in norsk, kiss is written “Kyss” and pronounced, “Shyss”. This is typical bilingual confusion kicking in:-)

    @Medha: I envy Armaan his loyal followers;-)

    @Richa: Thye sure do:-)Just you wait!

    @Anj: ROTFL! See? Normally, I would have thought of that, as deep in the gutter as I am! Lets hope he employs his talent for other pursuits than coming up with jingles for porn!

  10. You kyssyng in front of him???? chee! Donchu know us Indians shld only smush flowers??? tsk tsk.

    LOved ‘boob’ the builder. wat’s his profession now?? plastic surgeon? or the village idiot? hyuk hyuk.

  11. nat

    remind me never to bring reh when we meet up. reh would never come back with me. nosh too.

  12. aren’t they adorable…lol on ‘boob’ the builder..:-)

  13. Dottie

    I am ROTFLING on boob the builder. Chip’s favorite is character Handy Manny (he is a handyman) and I always found that a bit err..unsavory 😉

  14. rofl..
    I wrote this comment elsewhere.. but what the hell right. Would repeat it again.

    Neil had a friend last year whose name was Karina. Neil pronunces it Kanina..which means a horrible swear word in Hokkien(your mom has a smelly dash dash is the translation) I would ask him his friends name and then Nk and I would roll around laughing. I actually skpyed my mom and asked him to repeat it… i swear it was good entertainment

  15. Kids don’t forget. 😉

    How did he get disgusting slurpy kissing noises and bizarre groping gestures? Tell..tell.


  16. Chuchu

    your posts never fail to raise a chuckle or two or more..LOL!
    I just have to tell ya this…my kids aged 4 and 5 at the time spent an overnight train journey comparing notes with another couple of kids from S’pore…the convo was based on things their (red-faced,cringing)parents did…drinking,”kyssing” etc…

  17. @Deej: What to do? Am a disgraceful example of indian pallu virtue;-)And- plastic surgeon of course:-)

    @Nat: There’s only one way we can know that. You’ll have to come visit me. Muahaha!

    @@Ersa: I concur:-)

    @Dottie: Wow, Dottie. ROTFL! So many dimensions of WRONG in Handy Manny! Wonder if anyone ever called Barry Manilow that? – in a fun x-rated kinda film;-)

    @Sraikh: You are a woman after my own potty heart. Your entertainment needs come first- of course they do. Any damage to child is purely incidental, no?:-)

    @Solilo: Alas, I swore not to kiss and tell;-)

    @Chuchu: Shame shame;-)Read Deej’s comment. We are plain disgraceful!

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