Oh No He Didn’t!

.. but of course he did.

Arvind to his physical therapist and buddy, A:

When I grow big and learn to drive, I will drive Mamma to parties with her friends so that she can drink lots of wine with them. Then I’ll go pick her up and drive her home.”

Raise your hands if you wouldn’t think I had a drinking problem after that one? See ? No-one.

Damn! Where are those smelling salts when you need them? My son, the enabler, probably hid them. Grr.



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20 responses to “Oh No He Didn’t!

  1. Medha

    Hahahahahha OH MY GOOD GOD!!!!

    Now you are just making it all up!


  2. @Medha: You’re not helping. I am trying to wish this morning – and my life – away right now! My imagination should be so lucky!:-(

  3. Come one..that sounded perfectly reasonable to me.Hard facts my friend.

    You have nothing to worry… here is a kid who knows his mom perfectly well.

  4. u r making that up arent you?!?!?

    look on the bright side dear. he loooves you so much! He wants to learn to drive just so that he can make mommy happy!

    And ofcourse, he’s smart enough to understand that Mommy shudnt drink n drive!

    Hell, which of us wouldnt want a son like that!

  5. Chuchu

    ROFL!agree with richajn above…

  6. look at the bright side, at least he didn’t mention peeling Aussie lapdancers off of you 😛

  7. @ILWML: seriously cold comfort:-)We don’t ever need to “know” each other so well.

    @Richa and Chuchu: Well, he knows by now that Mummy wouldn’t be caught dead drinking and driving (not even after one glass – I’m a total nazi there!) and he’s seen me rough up people in India who do that after parties – piss drunk and no thought to driving home with a kid sometimes.

    I will just appreciate his consideration when that time comes:-) Or consider it payback for all the driving to soccer practice! And its nice that he expects his ole Ma to have a life of her own, I s’pose!

    @WJ:LOL!!Thanks! Must go edit that post before Arvind learns to read:-)Everything he doesn’t know will only make him happier!!

  8. I just hope the Child Welfare people are not reading this! Groping, kyssing and now drunk mom. Whoaaaaa! Way to go MGM!

    A friend brought me a bottle of wine, for the first time ever last Sunday. I served it at the dinner, a first in my home (checked the muhurtam and all that). And next day cringed mightily to overhear Divya playing Mother Father with her lil’ friend…”Now I’ll pour the fruit wine…and you have to sip it like this…slurp, gulp”. Am avoiding a certain neighbour 😉

    Lapdancers? Gimme the link please!

  9. Era

    LOL!!! Just don’t do anything he wouldn’t or he’ll have you grounded until you’re 30-ish…he he he.

  10. Now that is what I call a useful kid..Now if ever I would want a kid,it will be so that he can drive us home after a night of partying 🙂

  11. allrighthere

    HAHAHAHAHA! I love it when “Arvind speaks”!

  12. Medha


    Well, I am THIS close to flying to Norway to meet this uber smart son of yours- just so I can ask him the same question again and be sure that you are not making it up! Haha. 😉

  13. haha….see how much he knows you and how much ready he is to take good care of you :-)…that sweet, smart kid!

  14. Dottie

    ROTFL. well atleast you can drink and he will drive. Reminds me of a time when BG and I were having a kitchen spat and Chip offered to bring us beer. When we said we didn’t want any right now, he said “Then I can’t help you”.

  15. lol, exciting life, yours! i love your son, give him to me on loan please. mine, 17, refuses to learn to drive because – ‘then ma, you’ll ask me to drive you all over the place, especially home after dinner, which means you will drink!’
    i like yours better, talk and all 🙂

  16. Mom Gone Mad

    @Starry eyed: Yes, I realise we do sound thoroughly debauched:-) In reality, you can invite us over for dinner and we won’t steal your silver – promise!Lapdance? Read point 8 in the awesome post:-)

    @Era: This is my fear too!

    @LOTS: See, silver lining to the cloud and all, thank you:-)

    @Allrighthere: And I’m all mixed feelings:-)

    @Medha: I promise to use the fiction tag when I feel like getting creative:-)

    @Ersa: yes, I’m pretty close to wanting to keep him;-)

    @Dottie: ROTFLMAO!!! Seriously? He said that? There’s another precocious one waiting to happen!

    @magicalsummer: What? 17 and will not drive? I thought you had to fight them off once they were 16. But I see his point. I fear this might be my fate too:-)High maintenance Ma and all that!

  17. He is so damn sensible, this boy of yours!

  18. nandini

    Just found your blog from talk like June. Great posts–I guess motherhood is the same in california and Scandinavia! I especially liked the mother’s day post because my mom–despite being in the US for 35 years–still says “ayyo” and deyvame! So I’m guessing that maybe you’re malayalee? We’re the only ones I know who say that, but it could be my ignorant American, non-Indian upbringing coming out?

    • Mom Gone Mad

      @Nandini: Thanks! – and welcome to this space:-) And no, as an ignorant American, you’re pretty spot-on. We are mallus wonly.. and deyvame, we’re proud of it!:-)

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