I Iz Haz A Green Thumb

Well. Green may be overdoing it.

But won’t you grant me a shade of mint? Would you begrudge me my Pale Vanilla Apple coloured thumbs?

The shock of the season?

I enjoyed gardening. I enjoyed getting my nails filthy and I loved the physicality of shovelling dirt. I relished the aching muscles and the bags of mulch and I even struck up an awkward friendship.

Yet most impressive of all? I didn’t miss this.


I didn’t pine once. Not at all. Ok? Stop scrutinizing me now.

So here is evidence of When Summer Came To My Garden. Also known as Oh My God! They Didn’t Die On Me This Time.

They simply withered away in a poetic fashion when their appointed time was up.

Yes, fair blooms. Spring is a bitch like that.







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10 responses to “I Iz Haz A Green Thumb

  1. Medha

    Soo very gorgeous!


    The flowers I mean! 😉

  2. nat

    Wow, you never cease to amaze…!

  3. beeotiful flowers! are those yellow roses? absolutely lovely.

  4. lovely lovely lovely…esp the yellow ones…

  5. Era

    Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous…on all accounts 🙂

  6. Era

    Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous…on all accounts 🙂
    Oops…forgot to say great post! Looking forward to your next one.

  7. very, very nice. you can draw your own conclusions about what …

  8. Lovely…the flowers of course.

    Mumbai living has allotted me exactly space enough for 4 pots!!! I am jealous …first the sea, and now this:-(

  9. Dottie

    gorgeous! what are the yellow flowers?

  10. @Medha: I reckoned:-)

    @Nat: Really? LOL

    @Richa, Ersa and Dottie: Thanks – and ouch. See,I have no clue what they are called. I saw them at MIL’s and got a shoot to plant. Will find out. They are lovely though!

    @Era: Thanks:-)

    @cynic: err…not the flowers?;-)

    @ILWML: Well, for as long as there are four pots, make em rock!:-) You have more space in lovely B’lore flat, no? Saw lots more greenery there.

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