#2 – Statements That Make You Go Grrr

My dear daughter/son needs me for absolutely everything. Can’t make a cup of chai on her/his own. Or change a lightbulb. Never paid a bill for anything – doesn’t even know how. Needs me to do everything..such a sweet, innocent thing.

Thus speaks the mother who then proceeds to glare somewhat balefully at the other mothers, their shoulders heavily hunched in shame, disgraced and un”needed” by their independent children.

Hmm.. 30 plus, no kettle experience, no gift for billpaying – online or otherwise – and not even a dab hand with a light bulb.

Ladies, don’t miss the memo or you’ll miss the Catch Of The Season. Incompetence is in for eligible bachelors.

Meanwhile I’m roping in Dr. Phil to ask the mother,

Seriously, how is being so co-dependant workin’ for ya?



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18 responses to “#2 – Statements That Make You Go Grrr

  1. Bleccccchhhhh. The horror, the horror:(

  2. It’s the working principle of the joint family, my dear! Learned helplessness, co-dependency etc etc. If we all stopped under-functioning, why, then we wouldn’t need each other πŸ˜‰

  3. Sheh! Sounds like my mum, only she wanted to to be a little princess with many maids. Poor her, I turned out to be a blub fixing, tyre changing, rickshaw taking woman who will now move to a country of no maids and GASP! doing own laundry and dishes!

  4. maidinmalaysia


  5. Darn. Some ppl just have all the luck! Can you please point me to said lady. I wanna check if she’ll adopt me.

  6. maidinmalaysia

    tagged you…

  7. Meluhhan

    MGM, you’re awful, making fun of poor, sweet, innocent people like that!

    Err, wait, you mean he’s not retarded?

  8. ..the MIL who stays with us, would STILL like to do that given a choice – which she isnt thank heaven and hasnt been for a dozen years( the alternative is my worst nightmare)

  9. ..and now I blog too! πŸ˜€

    – Medha

  10. My sils are like that. They wait around for their father to do something. I always question why cant they call and fix it themselves.

    Who do you blame? the parent?

  11. nat

    thats a twilight moment blog post.

  12. Ewww….

    Is he potty trained at least?

  13. Dottie

    Will she come stay with us? I don’t want to be a bulb-changing, bill-paying sort of a person at all πŸ™‚

  14. I wanted to make some sort of pithy comment. But seriously my moms not here to make one for me! Woe is me πŸ™‚

  15. LOL at the comments πŸ™‚

    Loved the Dr. Phil part, could totally imagine him saying it even if it’s been years since I watched his show.

  16. Orange Jammies

    Barf. Keep me away, I say.

  17. Era

    I was raised as one of those children who couldn’t do anything for themselves. So to carry on the tradition, I’m teaching my kids to do everything for me so I still don’t have to do anything for myself :). It’s working out just fine, thank you.

  18. my comment disappeared! 😦


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