Packing Woes

“Are we moving to India or just visiting for three weeks?”. This from the Viking, just because his day is null and void unless he can give me a hard time.

“Shaving gel? Are you for real? You’re carrying shaving gel? You do know that they sell shaving gel in India, right? Or are you expecting a sudden leg-shaving emergency at Santa Cruz airport? During our less than 12 hour transit?”

He got my list! Where did he find my list? He. Must. Never. See. The. List. I’m Schindler about these things.

Good Indian Wife bites back acid comment about how he might want to re-aquaint with shaving gel sometime.

Three pairs of strappy sandals?” he hoots, “To add to the five you won’t be able to resist once you get there? And will the kids be changed thrice a day with soo many clothes?”

“Right. We’ll all travel barefoot and naked then. Happy?”

Gah, who’s listening? He sauntered off (hooting) light years ago.

Should have added this to the husband checklist 10 years ago: Pick a man you can crush with passive aggressive warfare.

Too late. Always too damn late for the bus.

p.s. Luckily hair product list is still undiscovered. I can breathe a little.



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15 responses to “Packing Woes

  1. have a bon voyage with strappy shoes and gelled hair.

  2. Mom Gone Mad

    @Cyn: Thanks!And gelled hair??? Yikes!I would run a mile before any gel touched a strand.But thanks, now I have visions of myself going through passport control with stiffly spiked hair – LOL!

  3. Travelling for 3 weeks with 2 kids will feel like a lifetime ( I Guess). I am currently baby sitting 2 kids for 2 whole nights and 3 days! Nice well behaved as they are, I dont think I can handle it much longer. But TV constantly tuned to cartoon network and taking them to the dog park is helping.

    • Mom Gone Mad

      Oh June – I do feel for you. If these hadn’t slithered out of me, I wouldn’t go near the species. (alright, am a little bitter now, what with the brat packing and all. Normally, I like them a bit) You brave, June woman. And dog park? how can you bear going there without Picolo?

  4. Era

    It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one with the uber list :).

    • Mom Gone Mad

      @Era: You and me. Hand in hand, always:-)

      @Poppy: Welcome! – from someone who has lurked on your blog too:-) Do you struggle for passive aggressive success too?

  5. LOL. Been lurking around a bit but this sounded so much like my house, I had to delurk.

  6. MGM, at the risk of sounding repetitive, this sounds so much like our house just 2 weeks ago – preparing for a 3D, 2N trip.
    1 baby, 2 adults, 3 days, 4 bags, 5 kinds of food stuff for the said baby (including small cooker to boil veggies for him!! yes 😉 etc etc .. you get the idea.

    Cheers. Join the sisterhood of compulsive packers.

  7. Let’s do a sisterhood of the overpackers! We can NEVER travel light. Case in point: recent vacation 2 adults 2 kids 4 big bags 4 backpacks, and an accompanying list for each bag. And still I spent the entire vacation searching for things. There are deep dark recesses at the bottom of expandable bags that conceal VERY ESSENTIAL giraffe jackets that three year olds sulk the ENTIRE vacation over!!

    And we brought back an extra bag full of shopping at Sarojini Nagar and Dilli Haat!

    Only three weeks? 😦
    Did you remember the deo for the ‘allegators’?!!

  8. allrighthere

    I’m packing right now too – and wigged out by WEIGHT RESTRICTION!! I’ve never dealt with that before, and always packed to my heart’s content. Now? I must pick and choose… I no like.

    Hubby doesn’t interfere… he knows better, lol. I have at least reached the point where I make him pack for himself. I always used to pack for all 4 of us, and I’m done. He’s an adult too. So there! 😉

  9. We are the other extreme, we always underpack. But it has worked for us so far.

  10. Underpacking works for me, mostly. I’d always be rather horrified by the amount of stuff my brother and his family needed for a few weeks vacation in India.
    The problem for us is returning home with lots more stuff than we started out with:(
    Borrowing/buying more luggage seems to be the norm. I do try to quash my spouse’s penchant for buying strange objet d’art when we travel, but he often does get his way:(

  11. maidinmalaysia

    a listmaker?
    then do you also straighten cushions?
    and clean behind the sofa?
    *this is depressing*

  12. Dottie

    The List. Yes. You are only taking 3 sandals?? And he is complaining??? Gah.

  13. Orange Jammies

    Umm, I volunteer to show up at Santacruz, should you have a shaving emergency. Just tell me which gel.

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