Dear NRI

Sure, restaurants in Indian towns, large or small, don’t boast of great diaper changing facilities.

Yes, its awful changing a wriggly kid and having nowhere to dispose correctly of your crap-soaked nappy.

But where else will a waiter cheerfully entertain your child or carry him to the French windows to watch passing cars while you eat?



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13 responses to “Dear NRI

  1. maidinmalaysia

    after anacondish feelings, so much rice and Kerala prawn curry, and six meals a day…
    you still want to eat out?
    you must be my non-veggie in-law

  2. They do that? Seriously?

  3. MGM

    @MiM:You’re surprised Non veggie-in-law??? Shopping needs calories si?:-)

    @Miss M: Well, in our parts its not kid abnormal.Staff are pretty kid friendly – esp. when the kids are friendly!:-) Not to say that everyone does it though:-)

  4. ya. 🙂
    have been helped & rescued so often by friendly staff 🙂

  5. Orange Jammies

    The human touch, there’s plenty of that around here.

  6. Chuchu

    Yup..sounds familiar…they’re generally such sweethearts when it comes to kids…

  7. nat

    i met a lot of auto drivers who’d take a fancy to nosh. found that really sweet. and no, i didnt risk going to a restaurant. home delivery yaar. try salkaara. or paragon.

  8. nat

    P.S. _ isnt there a KFC inspired Chicken la la land kinda joint down ur road? it was good.

  9. Anj

    Echo that MGM…only in India!! We had a travel cot placed by our table for a late dinner one night, and at the Renaissance in Kochi they provide the cutest rocking cradles in cane. And almost everyone will lend a helping hand with a’s fantastic.

  10. Era

    I know you’re on vacation, but you can save it for when you come back – you’ve been tagged!

    The tag you gave me will be completed soon.

  11. nandini

    Oh, you made me hungry for Kerala. Have not been there in ages. My dad’s family is from thumbon (?spelling). I still remember how green and lush things are after the rains. And how tasty the food is. Sigh… Enjoy it!

    Ps– can I wonder if you’re Syrian Christian, too?

  12. @Richa and OJand Anj: *Nods head vigorously* Gotta love it!

    @Deej:It was three weeks of pranayama;-)

    @Chuchu: Aren’t they just?

    @Nat: We practically lived at Paragon – when we weren’t relieving their casseroles of excess mussels and crabs;-) and the chicken joint? Wasd ugh-inspiring soggy KFC wannabe chicken with sioggy coleslaw. MY stomach churned all the way back to Paragon!

    @Nandini: Kerala in the rains is truly beauty that defies description. Nowhere is newly washed green so very green. And no – not Syrian Christian, but Nair/Menon. But as my irreverent commie uncle would say, What the heck? we’re still Sudras;-) – and then my gramma would feign faintness.

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