Just Wondering..

When people change, is it possible that they miss themselves as much as others miss the person they were?

There. Maudlin Midnight Thought out of nowhere.



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8 responses to “Just Wondering..

  1. Depends right, like I dont miss my bigger, unfit self but I miss the carefree single sraikh I was.

    Pssst:Where have you been?

  2. Midnight IST? Or Norway:) U where is, pliss?

    Nope, I don’t miss the person I was, I feel for her, but am glad she wised up:)

  3. yes. yes. i miss the old me. carefree ways. travel at the drop of a hat. adventure. un-tire-able.
    i wish i could have some of her back.

    but then, i like me now too. different. but i still likey 😀

  4. btw, having severe MGM withdrawal pangs.
    pliss to return to blogging 🙂

    r u back in norway? or enjoying india?

  5. Well, yes and no.

    I don’t miss my ignorance and naivity. I’ve grown a lot since then and along with that several things have changed. So I don’t miss it nor do I regret it.

    But then I think I know what you mean. Some people change for the worse and you just WISH that they go back to their old self!

  6. Now what brought that on?
    have you had enough prawns yet?
    Missing ya:(

  7. Chuchu

    Yup and naah as Miss M says…some things are better buried deep…and on the other hand,you wish some things remain the same…*sounds and looks confused*
    Hope you’re having a good time.

  8. Pri

    I do sometimes 😦

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