Vocabulary of Lauw

Every family, I suppose, has its personal vocabulary of love. In my vocal family, my linguistically inclined, goofy and much-adored Neppi (Lakshmi, my grandmother, whose name was bastardised by us to Neppi when bro and I were tots) went one better and created a new language for goofball lauw specially designed for her babies.

We’re into the third generation and its still kicking. My babies, as if they aren’t awash enough in love (and their grandfather’s nonsense ditties) find themselves nestled and snuggled and blanketed by this ridiculously lovable babblespeak. 

And in this little nest, snuggles my favouritest word of them all.



Chaai=babyspeak for sleep

Undachaai is when the little family is curled on the bed and nestled together like a ball. Undachaai signifies a heaven of coziness and optimal conditions for great sleep.

Undachaai is making it nearly impossible for us to quit co-sleeping even though Armaan aims yet another swift kick to my arse pushing me to the very edge of the bed as I type.

Damn you, wonderful, wonderful undachaai.



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8 responses to “Vocabulary of Lauw

  1. Awww so cute!!

    We have that kinda thing too!
    But I wouldnt know how to write it down here. And some of my aunts still speak like that with my brother and I. No wonder we still feel like children when we’re with them. 🙂

  2. cool! Undo means round n ball like in Konkani too:) we say moghare undo (jasmine ball) for a darling child:)

  3. Awwwwww! May you enjoy as much getting your arse kicked as your heart desires:)

    (I recently slept over with a three year old kicking champ for company, and despite the zillion kicks, I still loved having that tiny person next to me. I nearly fell off the bed too:))

  4. maidinmalaysia

    i thought you said only three weeks in india? well. it’s six months since you left. when are you coming back to blogging?

  5. Chuchu

    Sweet lauw!:)soak up as much of it as you can…

  6. @Miss M: Yeah, I know! So much gets lost in translation.

    @Starry-eyed: Moghare Undo says fragrant little baby so perfectly. Permission to use pliss!

    @Dipali:Still loving it and still no closer to moving him out;-)

    @Cynic: As Armaan would say, Thangee:-)

    @MiM: I totally missed you too mon cheri!:-)

    @Chuchu: All soaked up and come back home like swollen lentils:-)

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