Dissonance and Heartbreak

Dissonance..is being the brown-skinned girl at the airport with the red bulbous nose and puffy, tear-spilt eyes, failing miserably at leaving her palm-filled homeland with any measure of grace – and being comforted by a blonde man while she clutches at her Norwegian passport.

Heartbreak..is watching your children rush back to the pane of glass that separates them from their grandparents and uncle (post security check) only to smush their mouths, noses and whole damn faces against the glass to kiss them one last time; watching them put palm to palm on the cold glassy surface – and seeing your toddler turn his head repeatedly to blow gleeful kisses, unaware of the imminent separation.

Its never getting easier, is it?



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16 responses to “Dissonance and Heartbreak

  1. *hugs the MGM wordlessly*

  2. Here’s wishing that you meet your folks soon again. 🙂 Bidding farewell (to family and friends) at airports has been so much harder after the Scout was born. It feels like I’m depriving him of his roots. Before that I used to be so god damned nonchalant about the whole thing, I’m sure it is coming back to bite me.

  3. :(:(

    -BIG HUG to MGM and her lovely kids-

  4. Cecilie M

    ah babe! ((((hugs)))) you made me tear up and everything

    Some things don’t get easier… but hey – at least it means that you and your boys won’t ever take them for granted

  5. Awww my dear, I know its hard.
    Huge fat huggy.

  6. Anj

    Nope it doesn’t get easier…in fact harder each time. I was excited when I first left home to find a job, laughed through my wedding right upto leaving with new husband (took no notice of aunts pleading with me to try and look a little glum), had my stiff upper lip firmly in place when I left for the UK. But post-baby it’s been oh so hard. My mom shedding tears at every departure, dad trying hard not to lose it in public, little girl holding out her hands wondering why grandpa is walking away and not picking her up. I keep saying it’s so hard on baby girl but it’s only my blues that seem to last longer each time.

  7. nat

    Yea- the first time I went after a couple of years, it went on for months the sadness. I dont think it gets easier, you just expect it and roll with it.

  8. maidinmalaysia

    i agree with anj up there.

    after my firstborn, I wanted to tie myself to a pillar to stop meself and kiddo from leaving from ma’s place.
    except there was no pillar.
    and my Ma would’ve have STARED at the exhibitionism.

  9. chuchu

    *tear*hugs.hugs an more hugs…sorry to say..but it doesn’t get any better as they grow up..we have to deal with tears for practically the whole trip back and questions about whether anything will happen to appacha/ammachy till they see them again…

  10. nope..it doesnt get easier at all…

    as i get older, i find goodbyes harder…next time may not be the same….

  11. Meluhhan

    It’s hard..hugs. But at least you’re secure enough not to stiff-upper-lip it like I used to.

    When you look through human history, living away from your extended family/kinsmen seems so unnatural and unnecessary, doesn’t it?

  12. It is tough everytime. 😥

    Hugs to you.

  13. MGM

    @ All those handing out comforting hugs: Thank you and I’m right there!

    @Average Jane and Anj:I’ve unfortunately never been in possession of that stiff upper lip, so I’m an aggravated mess now! Yes, it is getting harder and harder each time – and unnecessary.

    @Meluhhan:Unnatural? Yes, I’m with you there.

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