You Are My Sunshine

..and you’re 22 months old today!

The baby who chuckled at one month. The toddler whose loud and gleeful laugh is Laughing Water. Whose happy disposition is an infectious disease and a drug habit.

The baby who woke to feed. The toddler who wakes up shouting “Wakey Uppy” and kisses everyone in bed awake.

The baby who lay on a mat reading books with his mother and gazing longingly at her chai. The toddler who gulps his Mamma’s chai, shouts “more”, and then snuggles contendedly to be read to and to read to Mamma.

The baby who gurgled with great gusto. The toddler, his mother’s longed-for verbal gerbil, who switches from English to Norsk to Malayalam without missing a beat.

The baby who slept best if there was a lot happening around him. The toddler who still loves to sleep listening to a conversation between people.

The baby with an easy smile and laugh. The incorrigibly outgoing toddler who is indiscriminately generous with his hugs and kisses. Who walked through an entire Indian Railways A/C compartment poking his head through the curtains and saying, “Hiii! Byeee!” to total strangers. Who stopped for further chats if they were so inclined. Who could absolutely benefit from some stranger anxiety.

The baby who perked up when he heard music. The toddler who can be calmed during a toddler tempest by music alone. Who shakes his bum, does a disco roll and understands “a travolta”:-) Whose first breakthrough vocal performance was ” We Will Rock You”. (Yes Freddie, I knew you’d return to me!)

You’re the baby who widened my hips and my heart.

The kind of baby that’ll make this baby habit hard to break.

The kind of baby that has my reproductive organs squirming and silly with desire.

Baby, you would put Prozac out of business.

Heart swollen with love,

Your Mamma.


p.s. Damn! Missed August 1 by a couple of minutes! Typical.



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25 responses to “You Are My Sunshine

  1. Awwwww.
    Happy 22 months Armaan. πŸ™‚

    “You’re the baby who widened my hips and my heart.”

    Lovely MGM!
    And as always, he is looking so damn adorable in the pic. πŸ™‚

  2. Happy 22 months Armaan !!!!!

    He looks soo cute in the pic πŸ™‚

    Very well written MGM !!!

    Have been reading you for a while now πŸ™‚

  3. awww..happy 22 mths Armaan:) Cutie-pie you are!

  4. maidinmalaysia

    he’s perfect!
    the second ones, i notice, don’t seem to have the angst of the number ones.

    *raises hand to guiltily admit that*

    my hips were widened because of payasam, moong dal halwa, the neighbour’s kesari (rawa), my own gajar halwa, milkmaid straight out of the tin…

    the kids were only a blip in the hip

  5. Ooh, lovely post. Many happies to you both!!!

    *The kind of baby that has my reproductive organs squirming and silly with desire…*..not just you, honey.. Some day, they are going to link a sudden surge in the population of the world to this post.

  6. Anj

    Lovely post! That boy is a keeper. If he keeps up that attitiude, and with those looks, in about 20 years he will have quite a few reproductive organs screaming for satisfaction πŸ™‚

  7. Mom Gone Mad

    @Miss M, Starry Eyed: Thanks guys:-)

    @Prashanti: Welcome to my home:-) Hope to see you around. Now off I go to check out your space:-)

    @MiM: Arvind was also very anxiety free as a kid.. he was not as exuberantly outgoing as Armaan was though:-)
    As for the widening hips, see, I was trying NOT to mention that bit!Mine, for these holidays, was more like one masala dosa, two uthappams and three idlis and BAM! Widening. Kids are a great excuse though!

    @WJ: LOL!! Will we see any surge in WJ household?;-)

    @Anj: Oh the horror!!! Lets stick to baby innocence an’ all! This one will cost me many nights of sleep and strengthen the grey in my hairline, I’m sure!

  8. The Print Lover

    Can I reserve him for my unborn daughter? I promise to teach her how to shake to a Norsk folk song!

  9. Mom Gone Mad

    @The Print Lover: Yup, pliss to show up for the casting of Armaan Ka Swayamvar, airing in another 20 years or so;-) We’re gonna get rich, baybee!:-)

  10. Hehee MGM, I doubt you need a VAR for your sons. Don’t you mean BIWI? Hehe.

    So it can’t really be Armaan ka Swayamvar.

    Let’s make it “Who wants to marry ARMAAN?”

  11. MGM

    Bleh – SwamayamBiwi sounds so.. well.. bleh.

    How about So You Think It’s Armaan and then have a dance-off finale?? Yes? Yes.

  12. LOL @ swayamBIWI.
    Now why didn’t they have that 2000 years ago! :p

    Yes. So You Think It’s Armaan it is.

  13. πŸ™‚ sweet little babies – these second ones need to be this cute to get some attention heh? He looks and sounds awfully cute

  14. Orange Jammies

    He’s got rays bursting out of him, that one. Bless his soul!

  15. he is abosolutely adorable!!!watch out…he will be driving girls nuts!

  16. Such a gorgeous chap, bless him!
    Happy 22 months, Armaan and proud momma:)

  17. T

    happy 22 months to the dear little one…that is such a cute pic…love his smile!!!

  18. Dottie

    happy 22 to you and your delightful mom!

  19. Mom Gone Mad

    @Poppy: As a second child myself, I am going to agree with your very agreeable thesis;-)

    @OJ: Thangee:-) Now if only those rays would set a bit come bedtime!

    @Sukanya: My dear, you speaketh my greatest fear:-)

    @Dipali, T and Dottie: Thanks, dears:-)

  20. Love the curls and the eyes and the smile and the … πŸ™‚ Happy birthday kiddo!

  21. Chuchu

    Love him to bits πŸ™‚ and I haven’t even met the guy!!!keep smiling,Armaan,god bless.

  22. MGM

    @Average Jane and Chuchu: Thanks:-)

  23. Dileep

    We have Shiv to thank for this T-shirt. I didn’t even know what it meant!

    PS. Didn’t I take this pic?

  24. @Deep: You most certainly did, dear sibling!:-)

  25. Pri

    Awww.. what a lovely post. Happy 22 months Armaan – you are a lovely child and have a beautiful family.
    “The kind of baby that’ll make this baby habit hard to break.” – somthing to announce lady??!! πŸ˜‰

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