Kerala – Whats Not To Miss?

Dude #1: Dude, you know I’m starting up this hotel  – The North Park.

Dude #2: Yeah..

Dude #1: Well, I’m working on a sign for the hotel and I need something more than just the name, y’know? Something to jazz it up a bit and make it sound – well – grand. Like the hotel is going to be.

Dude #2: No problem, dude. I can help you with that. Now lets just trawl through that book that Rogets guy put together..


North Park, Thank you for truly pompous fish biryani!



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21 responses to “Kerala – Whats Not To Miss?

  1. Anj

    hahahaha…love that…. so Kerala! That one will probably take second place behind my all time favorite “Anu’s bakery”, where the apostrophe fell off the sign.

  2. maidinmalaysia


  3. nat

    dun forget ‘Ellaneer Fudding’ at Kallanthans

  4. nat

    P.S. – for once the camera was there when u needed it. what were u doing in vatakara anyway?

  5. Mom Gone Mad

    @Anj: ROTFLMAO!! You’re not serious!!! Where is this bakery? I must away and check this:-)Now what do people buy there? Not rava laddoo maybe?;-)

    @Nat: LOL! Sadly, elaneer fudding is no more:-( But we did rock Kalanthan’s chikkoo shake though:-) And you’re actually asking me about Vadakara? The centre for antique kerala furniture?? We went slightly mad and credit card damage is now confirmed. Will pass on details if interested. These guys are just brilliant.

    @Everyone else: Glad I could make you happy;-)

  6. Chuchu

    Hehehehe!:D..thataway Kerala signboards provide my sibs and I with a bellyfull of laughs…we keep a lookout for them and then update each other…LOL at the fudding

  7. Chuchu

    One more, am intrigued by the antique Kerala furniture-please to put up pics…

  8. @Chuchu: I know. Priceless, aren’t they?:-) And the antique furniture.. pics will be posted when we get the furniture in our rooms. Promise:-)

  9. Anj

    Rava laddoo..LOL! This was somewhere in Kannur.. a long time ago (unfortunately predates digi and phone cams)..I hope the poor owner got his apostrophe back in place before his business went belly up! 🙂

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  11. Hi, there, MGM. Been lurking here for a few days. Coming out of hiding to say this was very funny. :).

  12. surabhi

    is it opposite the Vadakara bus stop?

    Your dude conversation is fantastic- and so is the photo.

  13. Pri

    REALLY – that’s what the sign says?!!! My my, I need to visit that place next time I am there.. I almost thought you did a picture edit to fit that in with your hillarious posts 🙂

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