I’m out of words right now. Depression is sucking them words right out of me, the way I was helping myself to tender chicken marrow a couple of weeks ago. Too much illness since we came back, too much cabin fever and one very difficult post that has been gestating way too long, refusing to see the light of day.

Only, everytime I hear this song, all my troubled thoughts come scrambling to the surface and gasp for air, for clarity and order. I still can’t offer them that comfort because something about this song undoes me and won’t let me think enough. Not yet. Now right now.

Its a song by Shakira and if I know anything, its that the English language cannot do justice to Shakira’s voice or her spirit. English reduces her a wide-hipped bimbo and strips her voice of its sensuality, passion and pain. So here is Shakira, as she should be heard, in espanol, with English subtitles.



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13 responses to “No

  1. hey, big huge hugs coming your way!

  2. Hey, hope everyone gets well soon! Are the kids ill?

  3. maidinmalaysia


  4. Mom Gone Mopey…hope everything looks up soon. Sympathetic hugs:)

  5. allrighthere

    hey babe.

    Don’t know what’s tearing you apart, but I can feel your pain radiate through your post….as a fellow down in the dumpster gal at the moment I just want give you a big (((((((hug)))))))

    life just sucks sometimes, doesn’t it?

  6. nat

    stop getting deeper into that morass. Some things cant be ‘fixed’ and they need to just be made room for in ur head and ignored like the stuff in the basement.
    must be the full moon. shake urself out of it. for starters just stop letting urself from getting seduced by that song. seduced into the spirit of that song if y’know what i mean. I was reading this book – I Smile Back by Amy Koppelman. It rings true, every word of it, more than I’d like to admit and it made me into an angst ridden collegeian in a few sentences. even though im dying to know what happened to Laney I just put the book away. I dont think I could handle a crash now. im not saying my solution has to be urs but just a sugg.
    Put it away and get a grip.

  7. Whats wrong? Change the music when this songs comes on!

  8. allrighthere

    sometimes music/a song helps you say the words that you can’t. sometimes it’s healthy to listen to a song that “triggers” you because crying is actually a part of healing. it releases chemicals that helps you dig out of whatever is causing the blues.

    it’s good not to let yourself completely drown in it of course, but you’re a bright woman Shal. You know what’s good. Love ya

  9. @Richa: Thanks. Much appreciated.

    @Miss M: We’re on the mend, yes.Thanks for asking.

    @MiM: Donchya worry, girl. I bounce back. I always do. Blue isn’t my colour. Really.

    @Starry eyed: LOL! Thanks. Mopey is about a right fit for the past few days. But hey! I went to work today, i met my awesome colleagues and things are already better!

    @Allrightthere: Hey!thanks. Love those hugs. I know you’re going through some sucky stuff yourself now – and honestly – this is trivial, trivial stuff compared to losing a parent, believe me. I’m really not upset about anything thats happening to me, but its another person’s fate that has me twisted inside. Thinking of you and sending big hugs your way. Today’s post was just heartwrenching.

    @Nat: Yeah, the song is really “not” helping right now. Its the indulgence I need to kick and get a grip sounds like the advice I need from the BFF;-)Normally though, when it concerns me, I need to walk that painful path to clear my head. Avoidance never works too well for me.

    @sraikh: I love your sunny pragmatism, our very own superwoman:-)

  10. Chuchu

    Hey…chin up…you can borrow my shoulder,tissues long as MGM’s back.

  11. Mom Gone Mad

    @WJ: Hey where are you, salmon? miss you!

    @Chuchu: Back and tra la la;-)

  12. Pri

    I hope what ever was bothering you, you’re over it – this is a sad sad song …

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