Infectious Enthusiasm Or A Head And Some Ass In The Clouds – Part Two

In case I never told you, we are buying a holiday home in the Tuscan Hills. The Viking has made Google weep for mercy with his exhaustive research. And before I can utter the words, ” But we’re like BROKE, yo!”..

He has found possibilities for a beautiful home nestled in the greenest green of the backwaters. But darn it..

This puts a cramp on the Trans-siberian railway journey we intend to take.

And we are given to understand that getting to Macchu Picchu will require a handful of bills too.

And the Antartic expedition? Non gratis, that too.

No, he says, forget that. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to own a caravan and travel around the world? Stopping everytime we see an enchanting back alley? Sampling the local produce? Getting a feel of the place, the people?

My love, I think, there’s no way I will look like THAT girl, you know the Asian girl who paired up with THAT German tourist in socks and sandals, shining a brighter shade of deep, sunburnt red. (Besides, socks with sandals is met with Taliban justice in our home. Nothing else is remotely fair.)

Oh, you’ll think differently in another couple of years, he says happily.

Now check out this kitchen. Let’s renovate. A combi steam oven is THE thing.

Google has another rough day wincing in pain as we put her through the paces.

Fortunately for Google, the Viking has now moved on to renovating our garden and assessing the correct stone type for re-inforcement walls.

Linda Goodman , listen up.

You said NO WORD about the dizzying exhaustion of being married to a Gemini man.

Y’know, Mr. New Day New Idea. The boundless enthusiasm and childlike optimism. The “Wheeee!” of living.


I’ll bet you I did. I’ll bet you he said something about the magic of the northern lights and oops…

I’m living with a dreamer. Embracing it as one would an embarrassing facial tic in a loved one. Strapping up and getting ready to be flung through the air to implausible places.

So who wants to come along?;-)


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17 responses to “Infectious Enthusiasm Or A Head And Some Ass In The Clouds – Part Two

  1. Who wants to come along?

    MGM, how can you even ask that!

    I am keeping my bags ready.
    One signal from you, and I am THERE!

  2. Era

    I’m still partially packed, so why not?! It all sounds so romantic. Where has my spirit of adventure gone? I have hardly left my house in the past few days.

    You’ve made me long to write again – expressive and imaginative descriptions put into use. Thank you for bringing me into that world. Thanks for the inspiration. Lately I’ve barely been able to muster a few paragraphs of “what I’ve been doing lately” – definitely no trans siberian railway journey.

  3. Mom Gone Mad

    @Miss M: YEAH! You hari bhari mirchi;-) Can always count on you!

    @Era: Partially packed sounds like, “lets check out the trans-siberian railway” to me! Anyway, glad to inspire, hon. Lord knows I’ve needed some myself. Checking out Gaggenau steam ovens (which the Viking might sell a kidney to own!) has brought me back!:-)

  4. my hubby too is a gemini…just like Viking, an infectious dreamer..really cant do much but go along and enjoy the ride.

  5. I am a Scorpio and yet I have dreams every single week. What does that say about me?

    I want to come along when you buy that house in the hills and during that train journey.


  6. what a lovely post…lifted me out of my mundane mopeyness straight into dreamland’s possibilities. You’ll make a lovely balanced couple…practical you hanging onto his leg while he tries to glide away into the dreamy skies:)

  7. wow! Count me in. Will even help build that cabin and install fixtures, girl! Yes, yes terribly handy Capricorn here but with none of the curbs on wild dreaming that generally go with the territory.

  8. And I don’t think Google researching is limited to Geminis either. πŸ™‚ The Scorpion at home is at it ALL THE TIME. From researching Saravana Bhavan’s menu to decide on the optimal combo to eat for a casual lunch to researching if we can ever travel to space. And it has grown on me. It irks me no end when I see people making what I think are suboptimal decisions especially when ordering at Saravana Bhavan. πŸ˜‰ You enjoy the ride. I bet you wouldn’t have liked it any other way. πŸ™‚

  9. nat

    oo stop complaining. you know you wouldnt have it any other way. when are you backpacking thru here anyway? do we figure on the list anytime soon? lotsa back alleys here too. heck we’re all about back alleys.

  10. Ummm…I don’t think the Viking has a clone lying around somewhere does he? Coz if there is ,I want ONE.Fedex him across this side of the globe ,please.

  11. Anj

    Aah the Yang to your Yin..perfect!

    Also explains why google doesn’t respond to my searches quick wasn’t lying when it said server busy. πŸ™‚

  12. @Dipali: Thanks – and I do;-)

    @Sukanya: Aah, a gal in my own shoes!

    @sraikh: Now why would you think I would go without you?;-)

    @Starry eyed: Did you just call me PRACTICAL?? HARHARHAR!. You’ve clearly never seen me looking a bill or a credit card statement, and then hiding it behind a sofa cushion, hoping it would go away!:-)Oh dear, neither of us is particularly practical, otherwise, we might actually be able to afford one of these dream trips.
    Note to Self: Turn into super efficient stepford wife type!

    @WJ: You babe, are SO in. Now go share a seat with Sraikh:-)

    @Average Jane: ROFL! say no more. You had me at Saravana Bhavan;-)Sub-optimal choices there? chee chee! And yes, this spirit is one of the best things he has given me.

    @Nat: Your Nuuu York Back Alley is HIIIGH on the list dear!:-)And duh! of course I like this. Remember, its the best things he has done for me;-)

    @LOTS: Gah! After this morning, I’ll Fedex the man himself!And there will be a new series called Why The Viking Is A Useless Dodo coming up.

    @aNJ: Yes, the man truly has google quivering in fear and paralysed. Oh the abuse!!

  13. I dream too, each time I look at the bedsheet draped on our window. Owning a curtain is such an ambitious dream.Once that pinnacle of success is achieved, I may even buy a closet and stop living out of an Ikea bookshelf and VIP and samsonite suitcases. Such nice luxurious phoren life.

  14. Dileep

    If you do Macchu Picchu, you also have to do the Ausangate trek…just make sure there are no Shining Path guys in your way. πŸ™‚

  15. Dottie

    *Phew* packed my bags.. how many shoes am I allowed to bring?? πŸ™‚
    Dang trans-siberian railway was supposed to be our honeymoon. sigh.

  16. Ah, so it’s a GEMINI thing! Now I get it. You see, the problem is, both husband and I are Gemini… now that’s double trouble. Our virgo-daughters are going to flip out in frustration when they come of age…

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