Happiness is..

….watching a gardener on the university grounds doing a jiggly dance as he goes about his days work.

…. and the silly smiles on all the faces that walked past him. (Ok, there were a couple of them who looked around alarmed as if they might be on Candid Camera. Nothing like the uptight Norwegian!)

Its really takes so little. So little to put a spin on what you do and make it fun, for yourself and others.

Made me want to run up to him, give him a big hug and say, “Today’s happiness! There you are!”

Yes, am a total muckhead like that.


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19 responses to “Happiness is..

  1. needed a dose of happiness today. thanks.
    have been following your blog for sometime and i love it absolutely πŸ™‚

  2. nat

    u dun remember me dancing on university grounds….? btw – i just remembered that first year when salil and co played at the auditorium. and i thought providence was the coolest. sigh.

  3. allrighthere

    I love that!!! I’m a fellow muckhead, lol!

  4. @Bindu: Welcome! Take a seat and get comfy:-) Glad I could help on this day – and thanks for your kind words.

    @Nat: D-uh! LIke I’d forget your dance moves. and Salil? Oh god! have brain cell degenerated? Who was Salil? Hey, we made even Provi cool, lady;-)

    @allrighthere: yeah, I can spot them a mile off;-)

  5. nat

    wasnt it salil? i must have degenerated then myself – what was his name? **searches brain**

  6. did you..give him that hug

  7. maidinmalaysia


    for you
    and a
    tag. πŸ™‚

  8. So cute!

    Is he hot? I could come over and hug him for you! πŸ˜›

  9. Anj

    Nat let me assure you your brain is a-ok πŸ™‚ I think you mean Salil Hutton and group (also known as Dreadlocks). My brother-in-law Ashwin was their guitarist. πŸ™‚ I never got to hear them play …pity.

  10. nat

    da’s the one! Who are you Anj? C’,om out and identify urself!

  11. Anj

    You don’t know me Nat :). Were you at Providence? I did my PUC there and was briefly in the English degree course (where I met MGM) before I upped and left to do my engineering in Kannur.

  12. midwesteasterner

    I vote to bring back Trashy Tuesdays, and I guarantee more jiggly dances!

  13. Shilpa

    Hey, are you sure the gardener was not warding off insect/flies and such off himself? πŸ˜‰ Happiness also depends on perceptions doesn’t it? You thought he was happy because you were happy when you saw him etc…

  14. Era

    Happy and not afraid to show it. I’m gonna try this out (maybe not the silly dance part…then again…).

  15. SMM

    Did you give him the hug? Was he all hot n tanned n sweaty? Then if you didn’t i will.

    Ps: Blogrolling ya.

  16. The face and body, not the dance.

  17. @Everyone: NO, I DIDN’T hug him. I’m very repressed in real life. And no, he wasn’t hot/cute in the way I like my African Men (yes, the ones I have tied up in the basement), but he was lively. If he had been hot and cute, I would still have slunk away, and not subjected him to my tidalwave of flab.

    And no.. he wasn’t swatting flies. Or mosquitoes. Do we see anyone doing that happily? Oh, you do? Enjoy life on your planet then.

    @Nat and Anj: Of COURSE!!! Hutton! Oh gosh. They were pretty awesome.

    @The artist previously called Meluhhan: Coming right up!

    SMM and Shilpa: Welcome!

    @MiM: You sweetheart, you!;-)

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