Daily Archives: August 22, 2009

Laundry is Education

Have your coloured and white baskets empty and ready – if you separate your wash in an anal manner like I do, that is.

As you sort laundry hold up each item for your toddler.

“Whats this? Is this Pappa’s t-shirt?”

“Pappa’s t-shirt”, he faithfully repeats.

Rinse and repeat till you’re all sorted out and then curl each piece of clothing into a ball.

Let your toddler one-two-three-basket-it.

Scream “And Magic Johnson does it again!!!”. Do not forget your cheerleader jiggle.

Your toddler rockets to laundry heaven.

You have now ensnared your toddler and he will do your laundry for life – or at least a couple of weeks.

He will also be able to tell pants from pyjamas, socks from stockings and a black t-shirt from a red shirt.

Or Shit as he prefers to call it.

I didn’t say you could win them all.


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