Laundry is Education

Have your coloured and white baskets empty and ready – if you separate your wash in an anal manner like I do, that is.

As you sort laundry hold up each item for your toddler.

“Whats this? Is this Pappa’s t-shirt?”

“Pappa’s t-shirt”, he faithfully repeats.

Rinse and repeat till you’re all sorted out and then curl each piece of clothing into a ball.

Let your toddler one-two-three-basket-it.

Scream “And Magic Johnson does it again!!!”. Do not forget your cheerleader jiggle.

Your toddler rockets to laundry heaven.

You have now ensnared your toddler and he will do your laundry for life – or at least a couple of weeks.

He will also be able to tell pants from pyjamas, socks from stockings and a black t-shirt from a red shirt.

Or Shit as he prefers to call it.

I didn’t say you could win them all.



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18 responses to “Laundry is Education

  1. SMM

    Hey whether he called it shit or shirt….who cares so long as he does it. Right?

  2. allrighthere

    “Or Shit as he prefers to call it.
    I didn’t say you could win them all.”

  3. hahahaa.
    lovely way to teach the kiddo!
    keep doing it for the next few years so that its ingrained properly. his wife will thank you for it years down the line.

    now, do u also have a way to train 30-yr-old-toddlers to help with the laundry??? please to share.

  4. Era

    That’s how I refer to doing laundry around here too. “Oh shit, we have nothing left to wear. Let’s do laundry!”

  5. sioneve

    Or as we say in our home:
    Oh shirt…Mummy forgot to separate the whites from the colours AGAIN…doesn’t matter…your teacher won’t mind that your white school shirt and socks are pink AGAIN…No…really….

  6. Such a fun way of doing the laundry!

  7. Great idea. wish i could think of original ways to teach my teens, what i want them to learn. but as you say.. can’t win them all!

  8. Your blog! Hilarious! I need a week off work to catch up on this!

  9. ohh..cho chweet !! U are so gud at this! Wud love to glean all these ideas when I have kids 😉

  10. Catch them young…I say.
    Hilarious way to do laundry. Now only if I could teach my kids the tricks.

  11. Mom Gone Mad

    @SMM: You said it!

    @Allrighthere: 🙂

    @Richa: hrrmph! Armaan already does a better job of separating the wash than the Viking. Untrained adults are just… tough:-)

    @Era: Tis pretty much so in our life too:-)

    @sioneve: ROFL!!! I love this blog for all the kindred spirits I meet!

    @Dipali: A comment from you now?? Hope you’re taking care of your arm, dear.

    @Suchismita: Hi and welcome here! Teens are tough nuts to crack,no? Should I dread it?

    @Elisabeth: Hey ho, Thin Lizzy! Great to see you here..Thanks and enjoy:-)

    @Nidhi and Aparna: Welcome and keep reading:-) Tricks are just inspiration born of being bone-tired:-) And you’ll learn plenty from my muck-ups too;-)

  12. Chuchu

    That baba is going to make some woman out there a very,very happy person!

  13. Mom Gone Mad

    @Chuchu: lets hope its not the just the laundry;-)

  14. Laundry really IS education! 😀

    I was just imagining him repeat “Papa’s t-shit” after you…Too cute!

  15. maidinmalaysia

    yet again.
    enough laundry, woman.

  16. I never wash my clothes myself…washing machine has replaced the old dhobhi

  17. Pri

    My goodness.. I’ve been out of circulation for a few weeks and you have a zillion articles – will go back and comment on a few that touch my heart. That’s a fun way to learn family, numbers, colors, doing laundry by separating colors (I need to send my husband to your home), and clothing choices.

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