The Man. The Groan.

One month. All it took for him to know that this was the woman he wanted to marry and have children with.

One year. Time taken by said man to obsess over kitchen appliances for the new kitchen I  am almost giving up on. Who will win? Miele? Siemens? And who will give a shit by the time the verdict is out?

Five years. Time taken by aforementioned man to decide whether the curtains his wife has been dead certain about for five frikking years are just right for the living room.

This can only mean two things.

1. First decision taken in haste and taken while horizontal with hormones raging has been a cause of immeasurable regret. This manifests itself in odd ways. For example, ambivalence towards linen curtains and an obsessive affinity for overpriced Miele. And an inability to make a decision about either.

2. Democratic marriages are shit.

Happy Onam, dear readers!



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13 responses to “The Man. The Groan.

  1. 1. or that the woman he has chosen is so perfect that he knew on first sight.

    Seriously 5 years for curtains? looking for the Fiction tag?

  2. He knew he had reached shore the first time. It was as clear as the sky was blue. But how can it be that easy when it comes to appliances and linen. They don’t have your charm, do they? 😀

  3. Yeah, beat this…6.5 years thinking whether putting up bookshelves or a wall-mounted showcase shelf will spoil his perfectly painted and plastered walls. (Note: Walls now smeared with fingerprints and what-not, still no shelves)

    And beat this…one hour to make up mind that I’m the woman he wants. It’s also called arranged marriage. Bah!

    Put up those curtains, do!

  4. Era

    Five years for curtains… that is a bit of a time lapse. I suppose the decisions that you know are absolutely right and you can’t go wrong with are easily made in a short time (i.e. marrying the perfect woman). However, kitchen appliances – now that’s nerve racking 🙂 . BTW, does the Viking cook?

  5. Just convince him to choose your way while horizontal and high on hormones. This is WAR, everything is fair.

  6. Mom Gone Mad

    @Sraikh: Hrrmph! If only I could put a fiction tag on this!

    @AJ: awww:-)But he would totally scoff at this now. NOW, we’re all tough and denying our mush you see! Now we have too much on our hands with appliances.

    @Starry: HAHA!!!!Well done. Great catch! how do we pull this off, eh? And yes, curtains will go up. Non-benevolent dictatorship soon to assume power in a stunning coup.

    @Era: Unless I stick to yur argument, I will LEAVE this guy, y’hear? So yes, its all about how wonderful I am:-) And yes, he cooks.Very well and pretty innovative in the kitchen. And unlike me, he also cleans up after himself;-)

    @Richa: Amen:-)

    @June:You are wise. No, you’re the wisest. Now stop lying. There’s no way you’ve only been married a month!

  7. i second June!!! u r funny…

  8. I third June. I get my way each and everytime.

  9. Chuchu

    June has definitely got it down right!
    Happy,happy Onam to you and the family:)

  10. Mom Gone Mad

    @sraikh: Gah. you’re the ultimate uber-woman!:-)

    @Chuchu: June is usually right;-) and thanks! How is Onam where you live?

  11. Pri

    LOL – much like my realtor told us when we were looking for a house. We did so many calculations, built so many options in our excel file, he said “you guys never take risks – you take way too much time to make any decision! take a risk and go with what I say and you’ll make it big”. If only we had listened to him and made hasty decisions.

    And with regards to your drapes – oh.. don’t worry, you will always be rethinking this one, and this way, you can never be out of date 😉

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