Batting A Century

.. and still in shock that I made it to this milestone.

This is 100th post on this blog. THE 100TH, PEOPLE!!

Yes, I can see those with a mere 500/1000 posts to their name, buffing their nails and nodding disinterestedly like “Uh-huh. Yeah. Sure. Cool!”

But obviously I have no time to bother because I will busy doing cartwheels, buying myself a pair of shoes and ack! who knows? maybe touching myself THAT WAY..

NOW. I get your attention. Take a seat, you friendly perv.

All of you who have hunted me down on the Internet to read me, or chanced upon me but stuck around and kept coming back – I love you. Yes, even you, the person who googled “Mallu Boobs Mom” to get to me. Because you came back even without a boob in sight on this blog. (Though you used the same search term and THAT is disturbing.) This makes me believe in your redemption, kind sir/lady. And really, flattered as I am, neither my mammaries nor genitalia have yet met the big bad world of the Inter Webbedness. So don’t be holding your breath.

I’m going to use this post to roll out the red carpet and accept the awards graciously handed out by blog buddies.

The Viking is tickled pink by how excited I am each time I get tagged for an award. ” So let me get this straight, ” he says, ” Its not like an association, or a blog community giving you an award, but your readers. Other bloggers.” And then his belly turns to jelly as he cackles, ” This is SO high school!”

The Viking. Proud recipient of the Mocksters-Never-See-Any-Action-On-Friday-Night award. And while he stews in bitter juices, I will move on, in SPIKY HEELS, SO THERE!

Two months ago, Richa aka. SuperGooshMamma was kind enough to pass this on – the Honest Scrap award. As cool as that is, I have been pretty restrictive with myself in terms of what I write about. So Richa, I am going to throw caution to the winds and write the difficult stuff…I will dust off those languishing drafts and let them live a little.


And then this pretty Kreativ Blogger award from Era,  ” for allowing us (you guys) glimpses into her (my) world with descriptions that stir the heart and soul”. Stop. You had me at Kreativ. I zimply LAUW.


From the inimitable MiM, these two beauties. Jeez! And I am giving them right back because I am addicted to her blog and need my daily fix from KL to make it through the mid-morning. And yes, I humbly acknowledge that I owe you a couple of tags too, Ye MiM of Great Faith In My Tagabilities.



And if I may, I want to pass this on to everyone in my blogroll. There is a reason you guys are there, and its the Oscars. And my lurrve.

To all of you who read me, leave comments, let me stalk your cyber homes, and give me a peephole into your minds – thank you once again. You guys are the reason I have begun to love writing again, the reason I run to log onto wordpress as soon as I wake up to check for comments and the reason I go around plotting posts 24/7. There are so many wonderful bloggers and blogs out there and all I need is an extra 24 hours to be reading  and responding to all of you on a daily basis.

You are just tremendous fun to know.

And those of you who lurk here frequently, but have yet to say “Hey! Hi! Howdy!” – this is a vundderrfull time to delurk, no? even if only to say, ” Hey I went to college with you and you still be an insufferable, obnoxious arse. Chew shit.”

Touch base, dears. Wish me well/or to hell. Its the thing to do in the blog world.




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25 responses to “Batting A Century

  1. “But obviously I have no time to bother because I will busy doing cartwheels, buying myself a pair of shoes and ack! who knows? maybe touching myself THAT WAY..

    NOW. I get your attention. Take a seat, you friendly perv.”

    MGM, you are too TOO FUNNY! See, this is the reason why we keep coming back to your blog, cos’ you zimbly ROCK! 😉

    And ‘mallu boobs mom’? LOL!
    Btw, if I may ask, how do you guys find out who has been googling what to get to your blog? I still haven’t mastered that trick! :S

  2. Wishing you well.. I found you through MIMS and (I was MIM’s very first commenter and look far she has come sob sob) and couldnt believe I never read you!

    Hey when you find that extra 24 hours, will you send maybe 10 my way? I could use 4 for sleeping 2 for working and 4 for reading blogs and leaving comments.

  3. Era

    “The Viking. Proud recipient of the Mocksters-Never-See-Any-Action-On-Friday-Night award. And while he stews in bitter juices, I will move on, in SPIKY HEELS, SO THERE!” ROFLMAO!!! When will they ever learn?!

    Congratulations on your fine collection of awards and thanks for making the blogosphere a more interesting place.

  4. MGM, big congrats on the century!!!Vairy well done:)

    ROTFL at the search term!!! Waiting to read those difficult posts…you’ve been tantalising forever with mentions of those drafts!!!

  5. SMM

    Congratultions on completing 100 posts…now shoo go TOUCH YOURSELF THAT WAY and then buy your shoes….that’s the way w ladies live it up, don’t we 😛

  6. Congrats on your century! And ze many awards.
    Love you loads already, now please post lots more:)

  7. Hey!! Officially De-Lurking!! Congrats on the century!! Don’t know how i reached you but did and enjoyed your writing hence kept returning!! Happy blogging!!

  8. lostonthestreet

    Now that you are done touching yourself THAT way.Congrats!!!!!On the 100th post that is.
    Btw, where on earth did you get fresh banana leaves for onam sadya?

  9. Devi

    Congratulations. To have written 100 posts is really a landmark.
    Loved the slideshow of Arvind. When I look back at some of my childhood photos, I often cringe at the wardrobe choices that my mum had made for Laksh and me. From the photos, I think that Arvind’s outfits throughout the years show that he was snazzily dressed, so you won’t have to hear those complaints.
    Keep blogging, you have a strong following here.

  10. Sam

    Hi MGM
    Just a quick delurk to say heloooo from sunny Singapore. I started reading your blog a couple of months back and I guess I can safely say that I’m hooked. Congrats on the 100th post and am glad you got your writing mojo back 😀

  11. Yayyyyyyy! Congratulations. Here’s to many, many more. And if you are fatter than your husband and he cracks nasty ones like that sit on him!

  12. Matt

    Shals… Keep ’em coming!…

  13. [runs up and does a jig aka the cadbury girl in ads of yore]
    Way to go girl! Am so thrilled for you!
    What do I say, I’m addicted. Love your blog. Its like you say what’s on my mind – only so much better. hahaha.

  14. Chocolates and Olives

    Chanced upon your blog….HAD to stick on and read! Keep ’em coming! 🙂

  15. Mom Gone Mad

    @Miss M: Thanks:-) As for tracking searches,the wordpress dashboard throws it up automatically. Blogspot should have a similiar something?

    @Sraikh: Thanks babe. Sure, will send 10 hours your way:-) seriously, whose lame idea was this 24 day anyway? They can’t have been parents!

    @beyond: hello:-) and thanks for delurking!

    @Era: Thank you and likewise:-)

    @Starry-eyed: Thanks:-)As for those tough posts, lets see!

    @SMM: You said it;-)

    @Dipster: Aww! Thanks!

    @Aditi: Hey! HI! And thanks for delurking. And welcome back:-)

    @LOTS: Thanks:-)Plaintain leaves are from an international shop here.. where we also get ocra and bittergourd and whatnot of indian sabzi. Its awesomeness:-)

    @WJ: Thanks!

    @Devi: Thanks dear! And here’s hoping Arvind appreciate the thought that goes into his wardrobe – daily:-) Just there is one terrific reason to get up in the mornings, to make sure the Viking doesn’t dress them both. *Shudder*

    @Sam: Sweet of you to delurk! And thanks. Hope to see you around more.

    @Cynic: Thanks!hrrmmph!I would need another 10 inches and considerable blubber to the crush the man:-( I will settle for y-emotional warfare!

    @Matt: hey!You surface again. Thanks, dude.-)

    @Richa: Thanks. that was really sweet of you. But don’t be going around putting yourself down, y’hear?

    @Hey chocolates and Olives: love that name! No blog? And thanks! will try.

  16. Amma

    Congrats dear. I hope this century has given you confidence to consider that book. I have total faith in my gal. Keep writing. Don’t be too harsh and over critical of yourself.

  17. Chuchu

    Congrats!it’s only a pleasure reading your blog-keep at it:don’t let “mallu boobs..” etc. get in your way:))
    *huge hug*

  18. Oh wow 100! That’s neat! Congratulations. I love your blog, discovered it recently (thanks MiM) and have been here on and off – am no lurker 🙂

  19. Yipee! Shal ! A qoo! congratulations ! and Celebrations ! :-). Its great reading your blogs as I must have told you umpteeen no of times and keep writing ! your words resound with a honesty and seem to fall over each other finding all the right nooks crannies and places to reach out to ppl ! ., Have fun

  20. Hey

    Discovered your blog quite late but been completely smitten since 🙂 I had read this post a few days back but didn’t comment. Thought it was unfair to be taking so much pleasure from your writing and not even saying a Thank you. So thank you very much for your superb writing, humor, honesty and wisdom. Love your writing.

  21. I am a lurker here too. Came here from Dips blog one day and have been hooked to your writing.

    Another reason why I am hooked is because you visited Newport on business ?? Am very intrigued. (am not a weirdo, dips can vouch for it, am sure..though this observation itself may sound very weird !!)
    I used to live not far from there in the big city right next to it (on the welsh side).. but seriously, Newport ?? If it is not confidential, can you please share what line of work you are in ??

  22. @Amma:Stop. You gush all over the post;-)

    @Chuchu: Thanks. And keep visiting!:-)

    @Poppy: Girl, I know you now;-)You be no stranger! But am glad to have found you!

    @Rathi: Thanks for that very sweet comment. Honest writing is really about the nicest thing anyone can say. And thanks for visiting and reading! Now how do I push you to post more often?;-)

    @Monika: Thank you so much for delurking! It never gets old – really! And thanks for the lovely words you brought with you! Hope to see around more.

    @Orbitbud: Hey Orbitbud. Whatta cool name. Thanks for delurking too! I love! As for Newport. I work with International education/international relations. Uni. of Wales has a campus at Newport and I was there to work on an EU project with them. This was accomplished by crawling from pub to pub and sampling awesome ales and pub food.;-)

  23. Orange Jammies

    Congratulations! Soak up the high… and keep writing, you hear?

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